What does GTG or G2G mean in Texting?


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This acronym is also a way to greet someone or bid someone goodbye and concluding a conversation. GTG is the abbreviated term for the phrase Got to Go, or Gotta go. Just like BTW & TY this slang is also pretty old school. But, it still has its charm and conveys your urgency to go.

You can find GTG in a lot of texts, SMS, and other social media applications that promote texting like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike and Facebook messenger. This acronym is a way of saying that you would see them later and conveys your urgency to leave the conversation.

Alternate words for GTG

  1. G2G- Got To Go
  2. CU- See You
  3. CUL8R- See You Later
  4. G3G- I really got to go
  5. GG- Gotta Go
  6. GR- Gotta Run
  7. G2F- Got To Fly
  8. GTGBRB- Got To Go, Be Right Back
  9. GTGF- Got To Go Fast
  10. GTGFAW- Got To Go For a while
  11. CUL- Catch Up Later


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GTG is a very authoritative term. Unlike XOXO, where you are conveying your regards or love for a person by ending it with that acronym, the case isn’t the same with GTG. This particular slang can mean a lot of different things in a lot of different contexts.

One way to use it is when you are normally asking for leave due to your work or just to spend some quality time. The other person does not need to know about your plans or engagements, and he or she isn’t entitled to it either. In this case, it shows your relationship with the person isn’t on a very personal level but is a good friend.

The other context is when you want to escape a weirdo or a conversation you aren’t willing to have. This is the case where you use GTG as a means to avoid that person even if it’s not for very long. You might come out strong (rude) when you use the acronym here.

Either way, as long as it shows you have to leave, it works right?


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Example 1:

Person 1: Wanna meet up for group studies today?

Person 2: Actually, can we discuss it later? I GTG!

Example 2:

Person 1: I gtg! I’ll be at your house with the meds at 7!

Person 2: Sure! Cool! I’ll make us some pasta.

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