What Does HMU Mean?

Wondering what does HMU mean? It is an abbreviation for Hit me up, which is yet another acronym that has made our life easier with making texts shorter and compact. Its literal meaning could be “text me”, “call me”, “contact me” or “reach out to me”.

If you want to catch up for a coffee or hit the nearest shopping mall, HMU does the work for you! Not only that, it saves a lot of time and energy when you are in no position to talk or explain or act like the perfect SOS signal when you want to rain check or probably just flee an extremely creepy date!


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The word is famous enough to have made its place into the Urban dictionary that is an achievement in itself. I mean who wouldn’t want to be on the Urban dictionary and have a meaning of its own!

Facebook also saw its fair share of the HMU popularity. According to statistics, in 2010, Facebook walls filled with HMU as status updates. In short, it gained massive popularity.

Difference between HMU and hmu

Both mean the same thing irrespective of what case they are written. But sometimes they can mean absolutely different from each other. For example, when someone writes “ hey, hmu, I’m bored” then it means that a person wants to hang out.

Whereas, if the same verbiage is written as “hey, HMU, I’m bored” then it could mean that the person is in some emergency or he is just rude. So it becomes extremely important in how we use this abbreviation.

Common examples of HMU usage

Now you know its meaning but how to drop it into your daily conversation? Let’s see some of its samples:

Example 1

Friend 1: I have two discount coupons from Uber. Anyone can use it. Does anyone of you want it?

Friend 2: I am looking to book a couple of Uber rides in a day or two. Your coupons could help me.

Friend 1: OK, hmu with your email address so that I can send the coupon details.

Example 2

Friend 1: I am going on trekking this Saturday with my office folks. Do you want to join us?

Friend 2: hmu Friday night and I will let you know my plans.

Over to you

HMU today is competing with a lot of upcoming abbreviations namely SMH (shaking my head), TLDR (too long, didn’t read) and also TMI (too much information) to name a few. But still, it holds a significant role in the chat world which is an integral part of our young generation that uses these abbreviations as a means of communication and to stay up to date with their fellow mates.


Using these abbreviations gives a sense of acceptance to this generation. However,  some people find it annoying and difficult to cope up with. But as we progress, so will our ways of communication.

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