What does IDK mean

This mysterious acronym is always the hardest to decipher since nobody seems to know what it means (literally). IDK is the abbreviated term for the phrase I Don’t Know. A ubiquitous phrase amongst the teenagers and usually used by literally everyone, from teens to adults. IDK along with the acronyms HRU, WYD come together in one club when it comes to its usage.

It is used in every sphere of our virtual life. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp or even Tinder for that matter. This acronym is just as clueless as you are!

Alternate words

  1. UHMM
  2. NI- No Idea
  3. UH-HUH
  4. D’NO- Don’t Know or Dunno
  5. DAM- Don’t Ask Me
  6. IDKAT- I Don’t Know About That
  7. IDKATM- I Don’t Know At The Moment

Alternate meanings of IDK

  1. I Don’t Kare
  2. In Da Kitchen
  3. Industrial Development Kit
  4. Incredibly Dynamic Kid
  5. Internet Development Kit
  6. I Don’t Kill
  7. Insect-Damaged Kernel
  8. Internal Derangement of the Knee


IDK or idk has no rule when it comes to capitalisation. It is accepted in both ways and used in lowercase as well as uppercase. The acronym is easily quite an older one due to its usage and popularity. It is said to have developed around the year 2000ish. When it comes to its usage, this acronym has made life easy. With just one phrase you can convey your lack of knowledge or idea about the topic being spoken about.

One more reason why it is fantastic is you can use this slang to get out of a problematic zone. IDK is very easily believable. Due to this, you can avoid being the centre of attention. Especially if it’s a choice, you can’t make. You might get a few second looks at the worst but again its better than having yourself the welcome trouble.


Example 1

Person 1: Do you wannna grab lunch?

Person 2: Idk man, ill text u l8r.

Example 2

Person 1: Do you know the year when the Khilji Dynasty was ruling?

Person 2: No babe, idk.

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