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The affirmative acronym of the lot, IGHT is the abbreviation for Alright. This slang is usually very common amongst teens when they want to send out their “bay boy” vibes. The apparent use of this acronym is when you want to confirm something or agree to something. It could be anything, a movie plan, a soccer match or just plain Netflix and chill (literally). The slang originates from the word alright which further came from all right. The trend for this slang is somewhat high in apps that support texting. Some of them are Snapchat, WhatsApp, and even Instagram.

History of the IGHT phenomenon

You can also say this word as “aight” where you are pretty much not pronouncing the “r”, but it sounds just like alright. This spelling is very much used in the modern English language for words of Germanic origin. When you look at the pronunciations in the old English, “gh” produces a very harsh sound, which has now become silent. So, the “igh” before the “t” sounds like the long “I”. As LMK is useful to get confirmations, IGHT, on the other hand, can be a very appropriate answer to it, given the conversation is informal.

The usage of IGHT

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It is not surprising to think that this slang has replaced its word of origin. Given its popularity, every second teenager knows about this particular acronym. If a person were to get a penny, every time someone uses this acronym, He or she would probably be a millionaire within a day! According to the major youth today, people very religiously use this word for showing affirmation. Words like ok or even “k” also do the job, but IGHT gives a more refreshing feel to it. The context of this slag was to use it as a fun way to respond, but today it is taken as an integral part of the cyber world. It is, however, best to avoid the usage of this abbreviation for formal communication.

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Example 1

Person-1: Wanna hit the shopping store today?

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Person-2: IGHT! HMU the timings!

Example 2

Person-1:  WYD?

Person-2: Getting things for tonight’s big game!

Person-1: OH MAN! Dortmund is playing, and I can’t watch it due to the cable cut last week! It sucks!

Person-2: Hey come over! This way you’ll have company from your rival supporter! It’ll be fun!

Person 1: IGHT man! YOU ARE ON!

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