what does ily mean

ILY, the acronym that spreads the love, is the abbreviated term for the phrase I Love You.  This abbreviation is used when you want to convey how much you respect, adore and care about the other person. It is one of the oldest acronyms that still exists in our generation today and one of the sweetest gestures to convey it to someone.

The acronym can be seen high in texting, like status, as a hashtag and even in the comments. There are also so many applications that help you convey this acronym in the form of e-cards and also sending a bunch of red roses too!

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Alternate words for ILY

  1. 143- I love You
  2. ILYSM- I Love You So Much
  3. ILYTM- I Love You The Most
  4. HDL- Hab Dich Lieb (in German)
  5. ILD- Ich Liebe Dich (in German)
  6. ILY2- I Love You Too
  7. ILYL- I Love You Lots
  8. ILYSDM- I Love You So Damn Much
  9. ILYTB- I Love You To Bits
  10. IWALY- I Will Always Love You

Alternate meaning of ILY

  1. I Like You
  2. I am Leaving You
  3. Inner Light Yoga
  4. International Literacy Day
  5. I Llama You
  6. I am Leaving You


The acronym belonged to the club when LOL, LMAO, HRU, NM became a favourite way to talking amongst people. This dates back to when there were not many social media applications, and SMS was a thing.

ILY, when sending it to somebody or receiving it from somebody, is the best feeling in the world. It makes you feel wanted and cared for and you know there is at least a bunch of people who love you and will always be there for you.

There is no obligation as such when it comes to saying it. You say this to your parents almost every day, or your best friends or even your dog. What really matters is, when you write it, it should be true and not fabricated.

When you use this acronym, you offer them your trust and pretty much your soul. You know they are always going to be there for you and guide you through your hardest times. That is how powerful this acronym is.


Person 1: Ily and I will always be there for you

Person 2: ILY2!!!