what does iso mean

ISO is the abbreviation for the term In Search Of. This acronym is highly popular on sites that deal with the exchange of goods, commodities and services online. The primary usage for this acronym is, to use it as a form of hashtag before your request and it helps you find the commodity you are looking for, without much problem.

Some of these famous sites in India are OLX, Quicker, whereas, in the United States of America, it is Craig list.

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This acronym is not just limited to classified listing websites, but it has also gained a right amount of popularity in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On these social mediums, the slang acts as a medium to target a specific audience with specific needs which ends up becoming a group or even a page. When people with common interests come together, they post their advertisements, which becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

Similarly, these commercial websites that deal with the exchange of goods, also work on the similar principle. People use this abbreviation and post an advertisement. It could be absolutely anything. It can be as small as a bicycle, a washing machine, television to pets, gadgets, and as vast as even properties.

This abbreviation is also very popular in travel pages or more like community pages. You can simply post your requirement with this acronym, and you will definitely get help.

Let’s just say there is one such community page where people from all over the world are together in one group. The only common thing amongst them is the organisation they work, that has several branches in all over the world. If you are looking for a place to stay in a land where you don’t know anyone, you can always get help here.

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Alternative terms for ISO

The acronym that is similar to ISO is WTB. It is an abbreviation for “Want to buy” which means the same as ISO. Both the abbreviations serve the same purpose and express the same needs of a person. They can always be used alternatively and still work just fine. WTB also is a pretty popular hashtag on these sites.

Both the acronyms are to be written in the uppercase since they are representing a person’s wants online. When it is written with a lower case, it does not create that much of an impact. With uppercase, it is easier to grab other person’s attention to your Advertisement.


Example 1: Use of ISO as a form of advertisement

Person 1: ISO a Sony play station 3 that is preferably in the range of 6k-10k. For further communication, please email on xzc@commodity.com.

Example 2: Use of ISO in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, you looked tense, all good?

Person 2: Hey man no, I’m actually ISO this really old record that my grandfather used to listen to. I want to gift it to my dad!

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