What does JFC mean?

JFC is yet another F word that has created havoc in the texting world. This acronym is the abbreviated term for the phrase Jesus F****** Christ. It is used when you want to express shock or disgust for a situation you should have seen coming.

The acronym has its fair share of popularity on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The most obvious place to spot it is in the comments section for photos and videos. It is also common in the apps that support texting like WhatsApp, Snapchat and even Hike.



Though you can easily express your disgust just with Jesus Christ but the F word in it, shows the degree of your disgust or sadness. This acronym has created a lot of controversy amongst people who are pretty religious. There has been severe offence taken by them for using Jesus and associating/linking him with profanity which is considered a sin.

There are a lot of ways you can use this acronym. You can either write it as a part of a sentence, to enhance the effect or make it come out more strongly. One of the examples for this is when you are absolutely pissed at someone or something, you can just use this acronym to blow off some steam. It can also be written individually.

The slang is somewhat negatively inclined most of the times, so it is essential to know where to use it. You cannot just keep using the acronym anywhere without thinking. It can create a lot of misunderstandings especially if you are using it in a formal setting or for formal communication.

It can also be used as a way to react to something hilarious. In this case, it can be linked with acronyms like ROFLMAO and LMFAO.

Alternate meanings for JFC

There is no alternative found for this acronym, but again there are different phrases for this abbreviation that are in use in different contexts. Some of them are:

  1. Just For Clarification
  2. Joint Finance Committee (Wisconsin)
  3. Job Finding Club (Canada)
  4. Joint Force Commander
  5. Justification For Change

All of these are in no way related to each other and nor do they mean the same. But its pretty common to get abbreviated terms for everything since it makes your job much more natural and people can remember them.


Example 1- as a comment or status update

Person 1:  JFC you look like you just downed a whole bag of cheerio’s, and you will puke any second


Example 2: In a chat

Person 1: I think I just dirtied the entire back side of my pants!

Person 2: JFC! What were you doing?

Person 1: I slipped while playing :/

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