What does JW mean?

The acronym that often makes you think about absolutely everything there is. JW is the abbreviated term for the phrase Just Wondering. And if you have already started with the process, this slang has done its job. This acronym is used when you are not able to contemplate or trying to understand the cryptic message the mystery Facebook girl just gave you. This way you can clear it out.

The slang is pretty common again when it comes to texting. So probably Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other apps that support texting have already witnessed the usage of this acronym.


Alternate meanings of JW

  1. Jehovah’s Disease
  2. Judicial Watch
  3. Jet Wash
  4. Johnny Walker Scotch
  5. Jumping Window
  6. Jamming War
  7. John Williams
  8. Jungle Warfare
  9. Junior Warden
  10. John Williams (Composer)

Alternate words for JW

  1. JAT- Just A Thought
  2. JBH- Just Being Honest
  3. JFTR- Just For The Record
  4. JFTI- Just For The Information
  5. JMS- Just Making Sure
  6. JMT- Just My Thought
  7. JS- Just Saying
  8. JWW- Just Was Wondering
  9. IYWW- If You Were Wondering


JW is a way of asking a question in a much indirect way to get your thing done. It is usually written in both upper and lower cases and makes no difference in their meanings. This acronym has its way to go about things, and just like other abbreviations, this one too has its variations for different contexts.

One way and the most common idea about this acronym is that it is used majorly to clarify your thoughts. A lot of times, people aren’t straightforward when it comes to talking on texts and often speak cryptically. In that case, this acronym is pretty apt to ask and not offend.

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The other situation is when you come across a full- time creep who has just asked you out. This acronym can come handy to take a rain check and block him. If not that, at least avoid the question entirely. JW, in this case, can act as a perfect topic changer.

Another time it’s just about fulfilling your curiosity about things. If you don’t know something, JW.


Example 1:

Person 1: JW if you still have the notes from last year?

Person 2: Yes I do. Whatup?

Person 1: Can you give them to me! I have a makeup test this Saturday!


Example 2:

Person 1: Is it just me or you buy ice-cream for everyone who gets stuck in the mall with you. JW.

Person 2: HAHA no it’s just you!


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