What does KMS mean?


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This acronym is the shorter form of the acronym KMSL but means entirely different when comes to its usage. KMS is the abbreviated term for the phrase Kill Myself. This slang is used when you are utterly displeased or irritated by something or someone, and you want to express your feeling about it.

KMS is seen mostly in apps that support texting like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Hike and even We chat. But it is also a popular term amongst teens, and they use it as status updates, hashtags and even use it on an immense scale.

Alternate meanings of KMS

  1. Kilometres
  2. Key Management System
  3. Knowledge Management System
  4. Knowledge Media Science
  5. Kansas Motor Speedway
  6. Killing Me Softly
  7. Kochen Macht Spass (Cooking Is Fun)
  8. Kill Me Softly
  9. Kansas Medical Society
  10. Kasabach-Meritt Syndrome


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The abbreviation is a very common slang amongst teenagers who get upset very quickly in life. Even though when they use this acronym with the intention of showing their anger or any form of negative emotion, KMS in itself sounds very scary and disturbing.

KMS, like the full form suggests, means Kill Myself. While you aren’t killing yourself for real, you write it as it is so acceptable. Every kid is using this abbreviation, and it is just so scary that when someday a person is actually depressed and writes this acronym, probably nobody is going to take him seriously.

There is another abbreviation derived from this one, and it is called as KMSL. This acronym means Killing Myself Laughing. Now wasn’t lol and Lmao enough that we added this one too. Even though the abbreviation might be harmless, but it is still scary and not cool.

The more you advertise and be ok with acronyms like this, the more they’ll keep coming up and slowly nobody in this world will be capable of seriously addressing an issue.


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Example 1:

Person 1: Mom just caught me eating pot brownies. I am gonna kms

Person 2: damn.

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