what does lit mean

We all are quite familiar with the slang lit. It is the acronym that has become the face of all the awesomeness around you. It is the abbreviated term for something that is on fire or turning on or popping.

The abbreviation is also used when somebody is so sloshed from the alcohol. In short, their drunken state is known as lit. This acronym is the new age slang and a super favourite amongst people from all age groups.

You can find this acronym in chats and also on social media i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram. But another cool thing is that LIT is also an emoji which shows fire.

The Origin Story

Believe it or not but the slang Lit is not very recent. Instead, it has been in here from quite a long time now. The history goes as far as 1910 when the usage of this word was first seen. During those times any person who is super intoxicated after a good drink, was considered Lit. this meaning still has its relevance even today.

The original meaning of Lit was inspired by its actual definition which is illuminated or lit up. But the words now mean so different than they used to back then.

The word became an official part of our everyday slang, when so many users including the famous ones, started using the lit emoji in their captions and statuses. This is how we know the trend has begun.

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Alternate words for Lit

  1. On fleek
  2. Da Schinzznet
  3. Off the Hizzle
  4. Smooth


The slang can be written as uppercase or in lowercase. There is no compulsion on how one must write it. When it gained popularity, the term was used in every second sentence because of how cool it sounded. However, there are also a variety of variations when it comes to its usage.

The very first and ideal situation to use this acronym is when you witness something super fantastic. It is also valid when you and your gang plan something so cool that it automatically becomes a lit thing!

Another situation to use this acronym is when you are super excited about something that has the potential to create a lot of difference in your life. It could be your graduation ceremony or even when you try out an adventure sport for the very first time. This expression is used in the sense that there is absolutely nothing that can make you happier than you already are.


Example 1:

Person 1: did you see Sarah Harvey’s facebook wall!!?

Person 2: haha yes, the party looked lit AF!

Example 2:

Person 1: omg I cannot believe we are going to Hawaii!! That place is super Lit!!

Person 2: I know!! Mom dad surprised us!