what does LMAO mean

The acronym of happiness, LMAO is the abbreviation of Laughing My Ass Off or Laughing My Arss Off.  It is used when something utterly hilarious has tickled your funny bone and since you cannot physically be there to laugh at it, might as well give your contribution to laugh at it virtually.

This acronym is used mostly while texting, instant messaging and also can be seen a lot in the comments section. There is however not much use of the word in the form of hashtags, but there is still a percentage of it.

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Alternate words for LMAO

The rise of this emoji also gave rise to a lot of alternative options to use this word. Some of these are

  1. LMFAO- Laughing My F****** Ass Off (this one can get extremely offensive if used, so it is best not to use it in places which are easily hurting due to the F-word)
  2. ROFLMAO– Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off
  3. LOL- Laugh Out Loud (This one is quite similar to Lmao, only it is used when something is funny but not that much)
  4. LQTM- Laughing Quietly To Myself
  5. LSHM- Laughing and Shaking My head
  6. LMHO- Laughing My Head Off
  7. HAHA- this one is the most common way to respond to anything that we find funny.

History of the LMAO phenomenon

This acronym probably was one of the very first used text language alongside LOL, ROFL, WBU and NM, especially on Facebook. Popularised by its usage, it gained more and more acceptance in 2012.

It is also till date the most used acronym on Facebook, and the Messenger has special Stickers and Meme collection for this abbreviation. This led to other texting apps like Hike and Viber, to introduce stickers and memes of their own for this very acronym.

Facebook also brought in the innovative way of reacting to posts, and this acronym has made its place there too.

It can be written in both Upper and Lower cases and both mean the same thing. The only difference that remains is – how a person prefers to write it.

Usage of Lmao/ LMAO

Just as mentioned above, the primary use of this Acronym is to let out your virtual laugh which helps to build an opinion on how funny or non-funny a joke or post is. Like on Facebook, when the post gets a lot of laughing emojis, it indeed becomes good enough to give it a glance.

However, reacting Lmao to a certain text or post is very subjective to what a person thinks is funny. The idea of funny differs a lot from one individual to another, so a lot of times people just add this acronym after a text or in the comments of a post, that can cause a potential harm to a relationship and also be offensive, to make it look like a joke.

So even the if the post or text be seriously funny, but this practice of just using the acronym, questions credibility.

Alternate meaning of LMAO

The initial and the most used meaning of Lmao is Laughing My Ass/Arse Off. But there are also a lot of other meanings of this abbreviation that aren’t so popular. Some of them are:

  1. Leave Me Alone, okay?
  2. Let’s Meet At Office
  3. Let’s Make An Offer.


Example 1:

Person-1: Hey! I just bought a new dress and its destroyed! :/

Person-2: what! How?

Person-1: My dog peed all over it!

Person-2: Lmao! You must be so pissed!

Example 2:

Person-1:  Guess what! The new House Md episode is up. Wanna watch it together?

Person-2: I would love to, but I got to finish my detention home assignment! :/

Person-1: Lmao! What did you do?

Person-2: Planted a fake lizard on my teacher’s chair! ROFLMAO XD

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