What does LMK mean?

what does lmk mean

LMK is the acronym used when you are awaiting a response to a question you asked or a message. It is the abbreviation for Let Me Know. The usual answer is either ok or the expected answer. There is no expected timing when you get the reply, but there is the assurance that the person on the other end has received and acknowledged the urgency of your message.

LMK is the perfect response when you are looking forward to having fun or expecting a critical engagement. It is an integral part of the whole plan making process.


Usage of LMK

Even though the idea of this acronym is to get a quick response, but it is imperative to know how and where to use it. If you have a formal communication or agreement, it is best to avoid this acronym. This can create a negative impression on the other end, and probably they will not trust you enough to do your job.

It is the informal usage of this acronym that makes it famous. It is an ideal way to send your information, but it also gives an impression that you are patient enough and reflects a positive vibe about your character.

There is no alternate meaning to this abbreviation and no alternative response either.

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LMK or lmk?

There is no particular difference between the upper case and the lower case for this acronym. It means pretty much the same either way. Preference here is the key. If you prefer writing it in the lower case, it will not mean any different than the one written in the upper case.


Example 1: When you are expecting to attend the same party as your friends.

Person-1: Can you please get me an entry to the new years bash you are attending?

Person-2: sure! Get your id along!

Person-1: Thank you! Lmk the address, I’ll be there!

Example 2: When you are expecting a response to your question.


Person-1: Wanna go out tonight?

Person-2: umm, not sure, I still haven’t heard from my aunt yet.

Person-1: ok sure. LMK!

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