What does MCM mean?

Since the fame for TBT increased via Instagram, a lot of other acronyms emerged from them. MCM happens to be one of it. MCM is the abbreviated term for the phrase Man Crush Monday. This acronym is absolutely insane when it comes to its usage as every Monday you see your news feed filled with this hashtag. The abbreviation which is similar to this one is WCW, which is the abbreviated term for the phrase Woman Crush Wednesday.

The trend was seen to have started by SnapChat news which talks about the recent celeb gossips and MCM posts. But it eventually spread out to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Alternate meanings of MCM

  1. Multi-Chip Module
  2. Modern Culture and Media
  3. Music City Miracle
  4. Mechanical Current Meter
  5. Midnight Cry Ministries
  6. Memory Coherence Manager
  7. Making Collage Media
  8. Master Chief Musician
  9. Mad Capsule Markets (band)


Have you been crushing lately on the latest movie celeb? This acronym is what you use to share it with your best friends or the world! MCM is the slang and an incredibly famous hashtag with which you can post the photo of your favourite celebrity crush.

The rule for this hashtag is, you can only post it on a Monday. If you do it on any other day, it won’t be considered valid. You can instead use an MCW (Man Crush Wednesday) or an MCF (Man Crush Friday). Even though it does not exist, but well everything is fair when it’s about your celebrity crush!

A lot of people also use this acronym to post the photo of the people you love and adore and importantly know you exist. Boyfriends can post their Girlfriend’s picture or even your pup. Even best friends use this hashtag to tag each other. The main idea is to showcase their beautiful body and face.

The acronym is usually written in all Uppercase.


Example 1:

Person 1: I just posted a new MCM!! Check it out!

Person 2: OMG I saw! #HOTALERT!!

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