What does MFW mean?

The more elaborative and yet an acronym alternative for the Emojis, MFW is the abbreviated term for the phrase My Face When. This acronym is used when a person wants to give out a reaction which is usually either a smug face or a poker face.

It is a pervasive form of expression amongst the meme makers and lovers. But also seen a lot when a bunch of people are texting on a group chat or two people are just gossiping over something in private. Have said that, this acronym is very famous on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even 9GAG for that matter!


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Alternate meanings of MFW

  1. Mannell Flower Waples (Australian based Jazz band)
  2. Misc Fitness Weights
  3. Malayalam Film Weekly
  4. MacAfee FireWall
  5. My Father’s World
  6. Mid Florida Wrestling
  7. Michael Forbes Wilcox
  8. Milan Fashion Week
  9. May Flower
  10. Management Film Ware Which


The usage of this acronym is particularly interesting. Whenever you see a post with an MFW, most of the time you can completely relate to them. All MFWs have this impact on you. Every time whenever a discussion comes up with this slang, it brings out your true feeling about that topic.

It is used mostly when you are so tired of someone’s sh*t or when you forget an essential assignment to submit, and the teacher has suddenly asked you for it. This is why MFW is so popularly used and accepted by not just teens but also amongst adults too.

It gives a perfect way to express your opinion and at the same time makes sure that the other person knows it perfectly well.

You may write it in all caps or uppercase since it provides a significance. You might want to avoid getting caught and know where to use it. It might make you sound bossy and sassy.


Example 1

Person 1: You should’ve seen MFW Bella and Edward got together!

Person 2: Oh damn right I did! You used up all my tissues!


Example 2

Person 1: MFW every time miss Green makes that obnoxious argument!

Person 2: Oh god! Don’t remind me!

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