What does MHM mean?

This acronym also happens to be an alternate word for the acronym MMK and also expresses your affirmation towards something. MHM is the abbreviated term for the phrase mm-hmm. It is the literary version for the gesture of slowly nodding your head to say okay. It is again a way to reply someone and is a very acceptable gesture both in the virtual world and in person.

Very common on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and even on other social sites that have the feature of texting. But it is not very common to use it in different forms, like a hashtag or status update.


Alternate words for MHM

  1. MHMM
  2. MMKAY- Mm Okay
  3. MMKY- mm okay
  4. KAY
  5. MMK
  6. YE
  7. YEA
  8. OKAI
  9. K
  10. MM

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Alternate meanings of MHM

  1. Metal Heads Mission
  2. Members Helping Members
  3. Machinery Health Management
  4. Masters in Hotel Management
  5. Mental Health Management
  6. Menstrual Health Management
  7. My Hair and Makeup
  8. Medical History Museum
  9. My Hollywood Musician
  10. Machinery Health Management


MHM or Mhm or mhm this is how the acronym is written with different variation just like it has multiple ways to use it too. The most common situation where it is used is when you politely agree to something. When you hear the acronym in person, it sounds almost like a whisper, so it makes lot more sense when you use this as to very formally say yes.

Another time when you can see the usage of this slang is when you are super pissed or not at all in a good mood. So, instead of saying something extra or avoiding bursting out on the wrong person, you just merely type mhm and assure the fact that you have acknowledged their point.

Mhm is also used when you are not feeling in your best spirits. This Is a classic way of saying okay during these situations. By this, the person on the receiving end will realise the fact that you aren’t really in the mood to talk and leave you alone or even better, come home with a bag of popcorn and DVDs!


Example 1:

Person 1: You up for Saturday night game?

Person 2: mhm.

Example 2:

Person 1: I understand how much workload you have, and guess what we can just grab a bite!


Person 2: mhm okay. I think I can make time for that!


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