what does MIA mean

This new age acronym is not the most common ones however still has its place in the popular abbreviations list. MIA is the abbreviated term for the phrase Missing In Action. This might not be a very frequently seen slang on your computer or mobile screens; it surely does have a lot of meaning both in the virtual world and also in the real, physical world.

Especially common as status updates on Facebook or a tweet on twitter, it also has its usage spread mostly with texting. Hence, very common with apps like WhatsApp, hike, WeChat etc.

Alternate words for MIA

  1. AWOL- Absent Without Leave


The acronym was first popular during the war times when any soldier missing out or anyone from the general public that is not accounted for were said to have gone MIA. Throughout the years, carrying that tradition, the armies now use this slang as a code If they are not able to find a soldier’s whereabouts, is declared MIA.

Though now it also has developed new meanings like with the virtual world, even with the same phrase used by soldiers, the context is entirely different.

MIA is also a popular abbreviated term for the eating disorder Bulimia.

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People use it as MIA and M.I.A and either way it conveys the same message. It Is used by people when they notice that someone is totally off the social media and they have no clue about their virtual or real life. This is the act of going MIA.

A lot of times when people are about to quit their social media accounts or planning to take a long vacation with no internet, they put up this abbreviation to convey the message. This is a way of them saying a permanent or temporary goodbye to their virtual contacts, depending on how they are about their social lives.

You may even put it as hashtags on Snapchat along with the photo message you send or also an Instagram story. The main motive for MIA is to convey your absence.

MIA is also a girl’s name

Mia is also a popular girl’s name. It is an Italian word, which means “mine”. It is said that this word is derived from names like Maria, Maryam, Miriam, Mary. Popular celebrities with this name are Mia Farrow, Mia Honey Threapleton, Mia Wasikowska, Mia Kirshner, etc.


Example 1

Person 1: Dude, Sara went full MIA mode last week! I heard she went to the Caribbean’s.

Person 2: Where do you even get all this info from?! Anyway, good for her!

 Example 2

Person 1: Where were you the whole damn month!! I texted you so many times!

Person 2: Sorry bro, I went MIA for a while. We have so much to catch up on!

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