what does mmk mean and how to use

The alternate word for the acronym YH, this slang is also another way of affirming something. MMK is the abbreviated term for the phrase mm okay. What separates YH from MMK is that while writing YH as a reply, you sound very sure while conforming to something. Whereas, when you say MMK, it sounds very clumsy, and it’s almost like a murmur.

It is also a ubiquitous responsive acronym when it comes to being in the conversation starter club. This particular abbreviation is mostly used when you are texting instead of the areas of posting and also it portrays a rather very personal and closed emotion.

Alternate meanings of MMK

  1. Myanmar Kart
  2. Merlin’s Magical Kingdom
  3. Money Matters for Kids
  4. Museum fuer Moderne Kunst
  5. Migrant Ministry Klang
  6. Mobile Money Kit
  7. Mensch Machine Kommunikation
  8. Maalaala Mo Kaya
  9. Manage My Keys
  10. Murmansk, Russia

Alternate words

  1. MMKAI- mm, okay
  2. OKAI
  3. YEH
  4. MHM
  5. MMKAY- Mm Okay
  6. MMKY- mm okay
  7. KAY


MMK is another way to say okay when people aren’t so sure of conforming to your idea or suggestion due to some reason. It has a lot of different meanings for any context.

Usually, the initial idea behind this acronym was to have an alternate word for okay, but then it also came with variations. Not all OK meant the same thing. Similarly, MMK or mmk does mean different things.

One way of seeing this acronym is to use it when you aren’t very comfortable. Usually, when you are given a very unexpected (and negative) news, which you don’t know how to take in, this is where you use this acronym as a response. The other situation where you can see the use of this acronym is when you aren’t really in a good mood to talk, but you are like forced to have a conversation. That can get tricky, so its best just to let it be and mmk it.

You also use this slang when you are constantly nagged, and you might just burst out. It is very natural you might burst out, but you respect them way too much. It’s best to respond with an MMK.


Example 1:

Person 1: should I get you pizza on my way home?

Person 2: mmk.

Example 2:

Person 1: Are u sure u can stay alone?

Person 2: mmk, dw.

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