What does NBD mean?

When we use the acronyms like TY and YWA to acknowledge someone, this abbreviation here is also considered as one of the optimal responses. NBD is the abbreviated term for the phrase No Big Deal. It is an acronym we use a lot in our day to day life and makes an alternate term for saying Thanks or don’t sweat it!

It is extremely popular in texting applications where you find a lot of communication taking place. And just like millions of other slang words, this one here is also a significant contributor to it. Though it’s not very common as status updates and tweets, it makes a mark in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


Alternate words for NBD

  1. DSI- Don’t Sweat It
  2. YWA- You are Welcome Anyway
  3. No Biggie
  4. NBW- No Big Woop

Alternate NBD meaning

  1. National Bank of Dubai
  2. Network Block Device
  3. Nervous Breakdown
  4. Never Been Done
  5. Network By Design, Inc.
  6. New Bible Dictionary
  7. Nothing But Drama
  8. Never Back Down


NBD or no biggie, as it is popularly put, is a widespread response when you don’t want someone to take something on their nerves when the situation is chill. It often acts as a calming or soothing agent for the person on the other end of the screen when he has just rejected your plan or dropped a big bomb (information wise) on you.

There is, however, another way to look at this acronym. A lot of times people use NBD to cover up their true feelings about a particular thing. There is a high possibility that they aren’t okay with something but just to avoid the awkward situation that often follows, they use this slang instead.

Some make NBD sound total savage when they use it to troll someone or more like rub it in their face. Either way, in all these situations, NBD often comes out as a very soft acronym, usually harmless.


Example 1

Person 1: Hey, will have to reschedule! Got stuck at the bank! 


Person 2: NBD! Some other time then!

 Example 2

Person 1: Are u sure u ok? You didn’t even talk to me in the class!

Person 2: It’s NBD K? don’t keep asking!

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