What does NMU mean?

The acronym that is the usual response to a conversation when it initially starts. NMU is the abbreviated term for the phrase Not much, You? Or nothing much, you? This is a typical response to acronyms HRU, WYD and Whatup. NMU is the phrase used up when you have nothing to talk about or are super nervous to talk to someone.

A ubiquitous phrase again in the texting world. NMU has been around for ages and ages ever since people used to text message (SMS) each other. Since you had a word limit there, People preferred to use this short form.


Alternate meanings of NMU

  1. Northern Michigan University
  2. National Maritime Union
  3. Network Management Unit
  4. Non- Motorised User
  5. Narcissistic Man Unit
  6. Network Monitoring Unit
  7. Navy Meteorological Unit
  8. Number Management Unit
  9. Non- Metropolitan Urban
  10. Non- Magic User


Even when the idea of this acronym is to express what you are doing, it has its share of adverse outcomes. Most of the times, people may not mean it, but by using this acronym, you can kill all scopes of having any further conversation with the other person.

The reason being, whenever you use NMU as a response, it always comes out like you don’t have anything interesting in your life.  This can create a very wrong impression about you.

A lot of times however people are genuinely not so right when it comes to conversing online. In times like these, it is imperative to clear it out first hand. So that whenever you write NMU, the other person wouldn’t judge you automatically and instead consider your nature.

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The abbreviation is not biased to one type of case. You can write it in both upper cases and lower case and would still mean the same. But it is observed that most times people tend to write this abbreviation in lower case signifying a friendly gesture.


Another good thing about this acronym is that it is not just a statement but also a question. This is good since people then get the feeling that you are interested to know how their day went or what they ate for lunch!


Example 1:

Person 1: WYD?

Person 2: NMU? 

Example 2:

Person 1: What are you up to this Saturday?

Person 2: NMU?


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