What does NVM mean?

This one also belongs to the responsive abbreviations lot which includes nm, YWA, LMK, IGHT, TTYL to name a few. NVM is the abbreviated term for the phrase Never Mind. The slang is quite helpful if you want to avoid the anticipated awkward conversation with your best friend or mother.

Extremely popular in the text culture, NVM is like the ideal response to most of the tricky question. It always helps you to be in the safe zone instead of saying something idiotic leading to major embarrassment. It is also a much more preferred response instead of nm (Nothing Much) since it acts as a conversation ender.


Alternate words for NVM

  1. NM- Nothing Much
  2. NTHN- Nothing
  3. NVFM- Never F***** Mind (this has the F word for emphasis)
  4. NVMD- Nevermind
  5. NVMND- Nevermind

Alternate meanings of NVM

  1. Not Very Much
  2. Network and Voice Management
  3. Non-volatile Memory
  4. Not Very Mature
  5. Not Very Manly
  6. New Visual Media
  7. National Videogame Museum
  8. New Vision Mortgage

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The abbreviation is a very popular response amongst teens and adults when they text. It is not just limited to the textual world but is also used verbally while having a conversation too.

NVM, again has a lot of contexts when it comes to its practical usage.

The most common of it is when you for sure know that a particular conversation is going to get super awkward and unhealthy. The slang helps you to completely shit the topic to something entirely different (in the hope that the other person does not bring it up again!)

The other times, it acts as an escape route from weird people. There are times when you can’t tune in with other people, and their conversations make 0 sense. NVM acts like your shield and helps you sneak off.

It is also used in a lot of cases where a person is hurt but does not want the other person to know about it. This, in turn, helps to build a better relationship amongst people.


Example 1:

Person 1: Hey you were saying something in the break, I’m sorry, wasn’t paying attention.

Person 2: NVM, it wasn’t anything you need to worry about.


Example 2:

Person 1: BRO! do you know that giraffes don’t have stripes like zebras do!

Person 2: Uh! Dude NVM.

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