What does OFC mean?

It is the acronym for agreement and also one of the expected responses to questions. OFC is the abbreviation for Of course. Its literal usage is when you agree to something and give your solid confirmation about it. After using this acronym as a response, the other person can count on you and look forward to anything with you.

The acronym has over 53 different abbreviations of its own as per the free dictionary. Some of them are “Office” to Of F****** Course. They have a variety of meaning and usage. But in the chat world, Of course, is the most accepted and widespread full-form amongst all.


Alternate words for OFC

There is no correct way of using this acronym. Today, people have come up with a variety of ways to say the same thing that also means the same. OFC also has its fair share of alternatives. Some of them are:

  1. Course
  2. DUH
  3. OC- Of course
  4. OCN- Of Course not (used when you don’t agree or conform to the given statement or question)

The acronym is pretty much self- explanatory when written as a stand-alone statement. But it is usually found to be a part of a sentence. The preference for this acronym being a part of the explanation is much higher than being a single word since it helps to give more meaning to it.

Jake Paul and OFC

The famous Youtuber and Viner, Jake Paul has just recently come up with a song named “OFC”. Though the acronym might be the same, he’s created a new meaning of its own. “OHIO FRIED CHICKEN” is the meaning of the “OFC” here.

The song came up as a reaction to a meme, which was created from one of his videos that involved chickens. He’s also increased the popularity by creating and selling merchandises.

Nonetheless, this song has also helped to contribute to the usage and popularity of this acronym. For what it’s worth, you too can set a new trend with your meaning of this abbreviation!

Difference between OFC and ofc

There is no correct way to write this abbreviation. You can write this slang with both the upper case and the lower case. It means the same either way.

Instead what is more intriguing is the way people use it in various situations to express their conformation. It can be expressed as a shocked ofc or a sad ofc. The devil lies in the details.


Example 1

Person 1: Did you hear about the car crash on NH7?!


Person 2: OFC…its all over the news.

Example 2

Person 1: Hey we have a reservation at 8, I’ll be at your place in 20 minutes!

Person 2: OMG! OFC! I’ll be ready and waiting!

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