what does OML mean

Just one more acronym that mentions the almighty before you say it! OML is the abbreviated term for the phrase Oh My Lord. The abbreviation is quite similar to the phrase Oh My God or OMG. So regardless of which one you use, it means the same thing, and both of them remind you of god.

You may use it when you find something utterly shocking which can be either positive that you want to relive the moment or negative that you want to erase the existence of that memory from your brain completely! OML is a very popular hashtag in those viral videos we see every day. It is also popular in the comments bar and texting world. You can even find emojis related to the phrase.

Alternate words for OML

  1. OL- Oh Lord
  2. OMG- Oh My God
  4. LHM- Lord Have Mercy, Lord Help Me
  5. ODL- Oh Dear Lord

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Alternate meanings for OML

  1. Oh My Love
  2. Oh My Life
  3. One More Level
  4. Oh My Llama
  5. Oh My Legs


OML! Or OH MY LORD! A widespread reaction we use to describe an unexpected event or news that we come across. This abbreviation is the most used reaction slang after OMG. It is useful when you have nothing to say in an overwhelming moment. It usually does the work.

OML in a lot of situations is used to mock someone when he or she says something not so sensible. In worst cases, it also acts as a form of insult to someone and even a compliment. It depends on the tone and your body language when you say it.

So you might want to be careful with how much pressure you want to put into each word since they can mean different things in different scenarios.

Like an OH. MY. LORD. And an OOOOOOHHHH MIEEEEEE LAWRDDDDDD, not only sound different but also mean different. The first one shows major disappointing shock while the latter is an excitement shock.


Example 1:

Person 1: OML! You won’t believe what I just witnessed!!

Person 2: please don’t tell me Mrs A sat on the pie again!

Person 1: This time, it was an egg!! ROFLMAO! XD

Example 2:

Person 1: Guess who just got an autograph from Channing Tatum!

Person 2: OML. Ok. Let me sink that in.

Person 1: hahaha also he was right next to my seat 😛

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