What does OOMF mean

One of the most famous twitter hashtags, OOMF is the abbreviation for the term One Of My Followers.  This acronym is used when you want to talk about someone. It can be your crush or the person you hate your guts with, by keeping their identity anonymous. The catch here is, they should also be following you back.

You can widely see this acronym on social media like Twitter (#OOMF), Instagram and even Facebook for that matter. This abbreviation is very much similar to TBH since both of them are talking about a specific person here. But the difference here is, with OOMF you know who is speaking but you don’t know who is the one talked about.


The primary usage is to talk regarding someone (in most cases), who has either hurt you, wronged you or avoided you, without mentioning them directly. This can help you to let your feelings out and at the same time not create much mess for you.

It is apparently the mess of the person being talked about since he/she needs to take the hint and act upon it. But OOMF is not very different than TBH. With TBH the main aim is to please, but in OOMF the feelings are pretty negative. Though in the end, both are a way to grab attention.

It is not wrong to publicly post a message with the OOMF acronym, but it sure can create a bad impression of you. When someone posts too many of the OOMF statements, there is a high risk of people considering them whiny or accused of being attention seekers. This can be very troublesome.

It Is always better to just talk it out face to face or through DM rather than making it a public affair.

Alternate meanings for OOMF

Unlike TBH which has a single full form, OOMF has a couple of other variations. Some of these are also popular amongst teens. Some of them are:

  1. One Of My Friends
  2. One Obnoxious Mother F*****
  3. Out Of My Face

The common thing amongst these full forms is, the usage is mostly for offence. Also, these acronyms are primarily used in the form of Tweets, Statuses or Hashtags or texts.


Example 1: As statuses

Person 1:  OOMF is literally giving me a headache, now please grow up

Example 2: In Chats

Person 1:  Guess what, OOMF is totally checking me out!

Person 2: How would you know! Also, who is it?

Person 1: Ok it’s a he, and he’s liked all my photos! BTW ill reveal his name once he asks me out!

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