What does OOTD mean?

This acronym is the safe haven for fashion bloggers and self-proclaimed fashionistas. With over 30k and more hashtags on Instagram, OOTD is the abbreviated term for the phrase Outfit Of The Day.

This acronym is used when you want to flaunt your outfit and fashion sense (both at once). It is usually used in the form of a hashtag (#OOTD) and is one of the most used and extremely famous hashtags on Instagram. Though the usage is seen to have further extended to different social media platforms such as Facebook, Vines and Tumblr. But none of them can beat Instagram.



The correct way to use this acronym is to post your photograph where you are flaunting and experimenting with your clothing, accessories and makeup. Then use this acronym as hashtag in the form of caption. This is what the present trend is. It is not necessary that the photograph has to be a professional one (if it is, extra points for you). But now people also upload selfies (mostly a mid-shot or a mirror selfie) to show their outfit.

The other way is to create a collage of photographs, that shows various parts of the dress that gives you a more detailed look on the OOTD. To create more OOTD hype, a lot of people also create boomerangs (which is one of the most popular features on Instagram) and Musical.ly videos. This way not only can they flaunt the dress but also their tech savviness.

The acronym is also an inspiration for the so-called shout out pages on Instagram, where people send in their best-dressed photographs which are featured on the page. In turn, the user gets more likes and followers. It is also an essential acronym for fashion pages and blogs. A lot of people use this abbreviation to give fashion advice and even sell their products.

The acronym has in itself created an unintended market.

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Alternate acronyms for OOTD

There aren’t many acronyms that can match up to this one. But there are indeed a few alternative words and phrases to this slang. They are:

Alternate Phrases

  1. Offer Of The Day
  2. Opinion Of The Day

Alternate Abbreviations for OOTD

  1. OOTW- Outfit Of The Week
  2. BAFO- Best And Final Offer
  3. WIWT- What I Wore Today


Example 1

Person 1: Outfit shown: Black cashmere shawl, white Kurta with gold earrings and black heels. #OOTD   


Example 2

Just brought new pumps to match my Low cut, body-hugging dress! #OOTD #Jimmychoo #Fashion

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