What does OTP mean?

Not to be confused it with the one-time password that you get for your online banking or Swiggy transactions. This one here is yet another one of the other love acronyms. OTP or One True Pairing is how it is abbreviated and has helped ship people who probably will never be together or are already together.

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The use of this acronym is when you adore, vouch and ship two people, that later creates a huge fan base. This abbreviation is very common in the book world, TV series and movie fandoms where people pick out their favourite characters who make the perfect OTP!!!


Nonetheless, the slang is just not limited to the fictional word, but even you can use it for your friends who you think, makes a beautiful couple.

The usage

It is all rainbows and unicorns in the world of fandoms, and there is no right or wrong. OTP has not only made a significant contribution to this but helped shape the crazy fandom worlds out there.

The acronym is just a romantic way to show you adore someone or something. It can be used with anything, a food item you love or a hot vampire, it can never disappoint you.

OTP has helped bibliophiles create fantastic fanfictions, exploring their creative juices.  You can associate this word with the acronym “BAE” is someone you refer to when he or she holds a special place, OTP just helps you achieve it. Now you never know when you’ll fall in love!

And there is nothing that makes you happier other than your OTP when its going strong.

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The most famous OTP of all times

If you are an avid binge watcher of tv series, then you will agree with me. The most famous OTP, which ships them across the world would be Sherlock and John Watson or as very famously known “JOHNLOCK.”

The duo is adorable and there a lot of fanfictions and theories where people around the world connect them as one. Theirs is one of the strongest and the most shipped OTP due to their unbreakable friendship and that they understand each other as no one does.

This is what makes this acronym so unique from all the other acronyms. It makes you feel connected and creates a very special place in your heart. The reason is simple. You get emotionally attached to a particular tv show, or a book and this acronym keep it alive forever.

Difference between OTP and otp

Usually, this abbreviation is written with an uppercase to emphasise its usage.

The practice of shipping in fanfictions probably came into place when the book “Old friends, new fancies” came out. The story had characters from three of Jane Austin’s novels. The fact that people created OTP based on the book is just a thought to ponder upon, and it could have been done unknowingly.



Person-1: So, did he ask you out yet?

Person-2: He got me gummy bears!

Person-1: now look at you both!! You are my favourite OTP!!!

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