What does PS mean?

The acronym that helps you to never miss out on a point and makes sure you make the person aware of it too. PS is the abbreviated term for the phrase Post Scripture. This abbreviation acts like the sailor who comes to your rescue when you are drowning or the antacid that helps your acidity after spicy food.

It is used when you have written something but have forgotten to mention something important like the birthday venue or the time of your meeting. This acronym helps you to not miss out on that. You can add PS at the end of your text or letter and give the message.


Alternate meanings of PS

  1. Play Station
  2. Pen Spinning
  3. PhotoShop
  4. Picosecond
  5. Power Supply
  6. Public School
  7. Paint Shop
  8. Postal Service
  9. Power Steering
  10. Performance Status
  11. People Search


The acronym PS originated from the Latin word Post Scriptum, which is an expression for written after. That is how it must have gotten its place at the end of the letter and its real purpose. Ps has been a ubiquitous acronym in handwritten letters and emails and has been in a widespread use since the time letters were a thing.

But today, it is also popular in text messaging too. Even though the medium of communication is different, but the idea remains the same. A PS can be one line, a paragraph or even a couple short paragraphs that are written in a rush most of the time.

It is always placed after you have signed the letter and becomes handy when you suddenly remember the details you forgot to put in the main body.

There are also some alternate acronyms for PS that usually either come after it or are used in place of it. They are-

  1. PSS- Post Super Scriptum
  2. PPS- Postquam Post Scriptum
  3. PPPS- Post Post Post Scriptum


Example 1:

Person 1: Get your assignment to college tomorrow. Ps- Get some chocolates too!

Person 2: Okay madam. Anything else or will this suffice?


Person 1: Touché

Example 2:

Person 1: Please read chapters 1 to 4 for your homework. Ps- there will be a pop quiz next week.

Person 2: ok ma’am.

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