What does ROFL mean?

What does ROFL mean

Another acronym that is often seen with or paired with the abbreviation LMAO and LOL is used when something likewise is hilarious and has tickled your funny bone. ROFL or rofl is the abbreviated term for the phrase Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

The acronym is fairly informal and in a lot of ways not so polite tbh, since a lot of times people can be easily offended by it. The intensity of the abbreviation is slightly more than lol but the reaction is to a lesser degree than LMAO. It is very famous, especially in texting apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Messenger etc. but can also be seen in various comment sections. If its funny, You can Rofl your way in!


 Alternate Words for ROFL

  1. ROFLEW- Rolling On The Floor Eating Waffle
  2. ROFLMAO- Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
  3. PMSL- Pissing Myself Laughing
  4. ROFLCOPTER- Rolling On The Floor Laughing, Turning Like a Helicopter
  5. LMAO- Laughing My A** Off

There can also be a lot of innovative ways to come up with the alternative words for this abbreviation, again the internet is a wide space!

The origin story

The word has been uber-popular along with the abbreviations LOL, LMAO and WBU and is just as old. However, like most other abbreviations, this one too has its little backstory.

ROFL dates back to somewhere around 1989 when it made its debut on the early internet messaging board called Usenet. A group of people were discussing the Amateur Radio when a person nicknamed as Chuck ROFL’d when the other person didn’t read a manual.

From then on, it joined the list of the popular abbreviations and is very much active in the chatrooms even today. ROFLOL was also just as popular and came out after ROFL, was seen on a post of an alternative Rock forum in 1992, again on Usenet.

Alternate meanings of ROFL

  1. Routing On Flat Labels (routing algorithm)
  2. Running On Four Legs
  3. Riding On Flying Llamas
  4. Rogue Of Forbidden Legion (Game)
  5. Rainbow Organic Foods and Lifestyle

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Example 1:

Person 1: You won’t believe this, but my boss just walked through the entire office corridor in just his shirt!

Person 2: OMG ROFL!! That must be some scene!

Example 2:

Person 1: Do you remember how you slipped down the slide last summer? I just found that video!


Person 2: ROFL! How can I even forget that! But please give me the video, I wanna see it!

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