What does RT mean?

RT is the acronym that has two very distinctive phrases when it comes to the full form, and they are not related in any way. The phrases that form this abbreviated term are Re-Tweet & Real Talk. The basic idea behind this acronym might be different for both the situations but even their usage varies. While RT as Re-tweet is strictly focused on Twitter, RT as real talk is seen mostly on apps that support texting. Like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram DM and even Hike.

Alternate meanings of RT

  1. Right
  2. Real Time
  3. Room Temperature
  4. Radio Therapy
  5. Radiation Therapy
  6. Response Time
  7. Run Time
  8. Round Trip
  9. Request Tracker
  10. Respiratory Therapist

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Usage of RT as Re-Tweet

The acronym while being used in this context becomes an integral feature of the social media app Twitter. Since Twitter has a limited number of characters that you can post, it also becomes a tedious job to copy and paste somebody’s tweet into your feed. RT helps you not just to share somebody’s tweet but at the same time gives you another benefit.


When you repost someone’s tweet, the very first thing is you get noticed. So if you are RTing your favourite celebrity’s post, there is a high chance that they notice you and retweet something you write.

Another advantage is you can give excellent, useful and even fun information to your friends by also giving credit to the person who first wrote. And at the same time make so many new friends who can come handy someday.


Example 1:

Person 1: RT from @Twitteruser1: Alt-j concert tickets now available!!

Person 2: I want them!! 

Example 2:

Person 1: Can you repost the giveaway post you made?

Person 2: RT from @twitteruser: post the photos of your childhood and lucky 5 will get a chance to win a coupon for CCD worth 200 RS.

Person 1: thanks! 

Usage of RT as Real Talk

The abbreviation used in this context is seen in chats when people are talking to each other. Don’t you hate it when your friend is beating around the bush, and you know he or she is hiding something? This is precisely the time when you use this slang.

RT or Real Talk is said when you want the person to have a straight one to one conversation without any filtering or hiding. It is also used in the context when somebody has been giving you mixed signals and is not sure of what he or she wants; this is the situation where you have The Talk.

It is also used in the form of status updates when you want to give someone a reality check.


Example 1:

Person 1: we really need to have the RT, you are not yourself!

Person 2: I will tell you when the time is right.


Example 2:

Person 1: RT: I hate people who use you for their needs, and once they are done, they won’t even look back.

Person 2: could not agree more!


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