What does S4S mean on Instagram and other Social Networking sites?

One of the most popular and trending hashtags, S4S or s4s, is the abbreviated term for the phrase Shoutout for Shoutout. The 4 in the middle acts like the short form of for.

The idea of Shoutouts is to bring in more and more like-minded people to get to know one another.  In this case, the slang acts as a platform to do so. By putting up this acronym in the form of a hashtag, you can get noticed and immensely popular. That way it helps you to build a much stronger brand and reach more and more people.


Alternate meanings of S4S

  1. Support For Support
  2. Share For Share
  3. Stud For Stud
  4. Subscription For Subscription (on YouTube)
  5. Sanded For Sides (in carpentry)

Another viral Instagram hashtag is #F4F (Follow for Follow).

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How does S4S work?

A lot of times on Instagram bios, we can see the #S4S or on Facebook walls a status which is accompanied by this hashtag. So basically, this slang acts like a wager between the page admin and user, where you mention that particular page to get a mention on his/her page.

This trend has been prevalent on social media sites like Facebook, Myspace and finally now on Instagram. You may find S4S on pages that sell products like clothes, accessories or any day to day items. There are also a lot of shoutout pages that solely promote your account either for free or with an exchange of money.

A lot of sites that have funny content and a lot of followers are always looking for people to get paid promotions for their page and also do paid advertisements for other pages to gain more popularity. This acronym as a hashtag is a new business model for potential investors.

It is still only limited mainly to Instagram (where this hashtag is the most popular). It won’t, however, be long until more and more people and sites would start acknowledging this way of earning money.


Example 1:

Person 1: I’m doing #S4S until midnight for free! If you wish to get your brand promoted, send a dm!

Person 2: I’m Interested! I’ll send my Brand details asap!

Example 2:

Person 1: Can you handle the social media department for my campaign?


Person 2: yes, only if you do an #S4S! YWA!

Person 1: Ok done!! Thanks a lot!

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