What does Savage mean in the 21st Century?

Just like MFW, you find ‘Savage’ in a lot of memes. It started a significant trend back in 2015-2017 with the Snoop Dogg song accompanied with Glasses and a gold necklace (the dollar sign). This is savagery!

When you do something so good and neat that it leaves the other person out of words.


The initial idea whenever someone would associate with this word was instantly judged. Any person called savage was called out as an uncontrollable and ruthless person. But this was when people weren’t that civilised. As technology advanced and people started understanding things better, the digital age today has completely changed its meaning.


‘Savage’ dates way back into the times when wars were a thing. The barbarians were known to be the most famous savages due to their excessive cruelty and their nature. This was what it meant back then.

However, with time even when the idea is same, it has a very different context altogether. Today the textual world sees this word as cool and amazing. This is used today when someone in a very sweet and sarcastic way comes back at you, and this is savage.


Savage AF is one way to call this acronym. AF here is just the addition of the F-word in it. By adding the AF, shows the intensity of how big and bada** the statement is made. Similarly, another alternative words for this slang are Savagery, Savaged and Damn Dawgg!!

Usually, a lot of meme pages make savage memes due to its popularity and widespread. Sites like 9GAG and Pinterest are where you can visit to check these out.

Being Savage is really an art. It takes a lot of wit and intelligence to come up with a comeback that good.


Example 1:

Person-1: Dude did you see how Brit was when he was asked to walk to the principal’s office?


Person-2: Damn savage. Pure Savage.

Example 2:

Person-1: Do you know what’s pure Savagery?

Person-2: What?

Person-1: When a person does not expect you to do something on time and you hand it to them before time *inserts the cool emoji face*

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