What does SJW mean? What is its significance in the society?

This acronym is rather a unique one since it isn’t a common chatroom slang. It represents a whole bunch of individuals who make use of the online mediums (usually social media sites and blogs) to raise their voices and opinions. The acronym is the abbreviated term for the phrase Social Justice Warriors.

The SJW’s are not just important people but anyone who voices their concern and talks about topics that are usually sensitive and controversial like Feminism, Politics or even Civil rights. The idea is to create awareness amongst people, and that there is a proper action taken for the same.



The abbreviation is as old as the time when there was a significant level of discrimination at the societal level. The word originated in 1824 when there was a lot of injustice seen at the grassroots level. It started with an idea to make people understand the social evils and lead a somewhat harmonious life.

The SJW received a lot of positive approach, acceptance and appreciation from everyone until the 2000s as more and more people were getting inspired and there was a lot of change.

However, by 2011, the acronym received a lot of hate and was said to have been misused especially when the Gamergate controversy came in.

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The Gamergate Controversy

The viral controversy of 2014, Gamergate was a series of hashtag started by the harassment campaign against the video game culture that was said to have promoted extreme sexism and progressiveness.

The controversy started out as a negative criticism on the sort of content which challenged the artistic freedom of the games and gamers. However, soon it turned out to be something completely unrelated.

The supporters of the controversy took down blog posts on social mediums, with topics that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. In the entire scene, eventually, people could not figure out the real motive or goal behind the whole outburst and claimed the people just to be seeking for attention and short-lived popularity. A lot of big names got involved and presented the idea of feminism in a very negative way.

Eventually, the controversy became a form of Virtual harassment, and at the same time, losing the real cause of SJWs.

The SJW’s today

Even though SJWs speak for the people and issues that have been deep-rooted and not looked out, a lot of times these people tend to take the matter into their own hands. These guys want constant self- validation for their work and most of the times they don’t even mean their words.

Even though their reason for speaking up is to have a fair, gender equal and just society, these people are extremely touchy and sensitive as the world says it. They can be offended as quickly as you can provoke a fight with them. Then they would use all means of social validations to bring you down.


It started off as a good movement, but eventually, it started losing its true cause somewhere along the way. Now people would have occasional outbursts led on by a hashtag that will last max up to a week or so. Then it’s just another outburst and yet another social media fight.

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