What does SMH Mean?

SMH is the angry acronym of the internet which is an abbreviation for Shaking My Head. The uber-popular acronym is used when a person does something you are not very happy about, and worse case don’t approve of.

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It becomes the virtual representation of voicing your disappointment about a particular something that you find hurtful, unfair or even obnoxious like your favourite football player getting a red card or your neighbour who is stealing your plants and is often put together with a hashtag (#), to gain more trend to it. The possibilities are endless.


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Just like other acronyms, SMH also emerged with the popularity of SMS or texting in 2010 but soon enough gained a lot of acceptance on Twitter and Instagram and continues to do so. Though most of the people prefer calling it “shaking my head” but a lot of population also abbreviates it as “So Much Hate”.

Either way, both the abbreviations mean the same way and express the same emotion.

Lowercase or uppercase?

It does not matter which case you use to type it since both of them mean the same thing and also can be written as a single word or with an entire phrase. It is sarcastic.

SMH, however, gave way to a lot of other similar acronyms, namely:

  1. SMDH – Shaking My Damn Head
  2. SMGDH – Shaking My God Damn Head
  3. SMHID – Shaking My Head In Disperse
  4. SMHL – Shaking My Head Laughing

All these acronyms are related to the action you make with your head since there is no possible way to show your disappointment in the virtual world. But again, GIFs also help a great deal.

How to use SMH?

Example 1:

Friend-1: so how was your study date last night?

Friend-2: It was more study and no date.

Friend-1: I expected more of you, SMH.

Example 2:

Friend-1: I just accidentally hit my boss’s car

Friend-2: SMH

Final thoughts

It is practically impossible for us humans not to be annoyed by things, which by the way are many and will continue to exist. It’s easier to show your annoyance virtually instead of coming face to face with it. Though FML and SMH mean the same thing, the latter is a more desperate and yet convenient way to show your virtual aggression and frustration.


It is also pretty useful as a punctuation and can be pretty handy in, quoting the urban dictionary, “when someone finds something so stupid, that no words can do justice.”

Hence don’t just frown, SMH it.

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