What does SOL mean?

What does SOL mean

This is the acronym for you when your life is a mess, and things are going completely wrong. SOL is the abbreviated term for the phrase S**t Out of Luck. This acronym is used to refer to your current situation where everything is going wrong, and a haywire and the only available option for you isn’t very desirable.

The slang is used most commonly in game rooms and on social media sites as a form of hashtags. But the majorly used area with this acronym is in texting. It can come up between two people or even a group of people. I mean everyone has a bad day, right?


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The usage

This slang is very apt to describe your existential crisis where there is no hope. It is like you are on a drowning boat and the only way you can survive is by sitting on a small wooden plank. Now it isn’t a very smart or reliable way, but then it’s the only option.

The acronym, as I mentioned earlier is trendy amongst gamers too. In an online multiplayer game, You can find gamers shouting this abbreviation when they get shot and are not able to recover.  This acronym is also a part of an online game called Guess the text where on level 46, you have to guess the full form of this particular acronym.

SOL can also be used as a call for help. With emerging awareness in the social media, the abbreviation can be used as a means to reach out to people and talk to them. If put up as a status, I am sure one or the other person will recognise it and help you out.

Alternate meanings for SOL

Though the most polite way of saying this abbreviation is  Sadly Out of Luck, there are however a lot more meanings of this abbreviation. Some of them are:

  1. Sooner or Later
  2. Staff Of Light (in gaming terms)
  3. Summer Of Love
  4. Symphony Of Light (online gaming community)
  5. Screaming Out Loud
  6. Sorta Out of Luck
  7. Statue Of Liberty

The amount of phrases that can come out of a single acronym is endless. But out of all S**t Outta Luck is the most widely accepted and popular acronym.

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Example 1

Person 1: I got the train tickets a day before and yet missed the train by a minute!

Person 2: Sorry mate! You are SOL

Example 2

Person 1: I have an exam on a Rihanna concert! I’m So SOL!


Person 2: ugh! That sucks! Hopefully next time you can make it!

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