What does STG mean?

Just like JFC, this acronym is also one of those that uses the almighty to express your frustration. STG is the abbreviated term for the phrase Swear To God. The acronym is used when you find something utterly stupid and is equally annoying at the same time.

STG and JFC are very similar to the extent of their usage. Both of them are used to express your anger and blow your steam off. They also portray a sort of seriousness in your text as you can’t be physically present there to show your disagreement. STG has mainly accompanied frustration.



The acronym can be mainly seen in texts where people are either arguing or fighting or even complaining about something. Just like JFC, it also can be easily offensive to people, but since it does not have the F word in it, it isn’t that serious.

It is a pretty easy acronym to decipher since its used both online and offline. Though apparently, people say the full sentence when talking to each other face to face. In texting though, the idea is to say it short but say it clear. Since everyone is pretty accustomed to this abbreviation, the message is pretty clearly sent over.

Some of the Common social media that have seen its high usage is Facebook, Instagram and even WhatsApp.

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Alternate acronyms and meanings of STG

There is a whole bunch of alternate meanings of one single acronym in every aspect of life ranging from Military to Science and Technology. Some of them are:

  1. Shooting Game
  2. Slaves To Gravity
  3. Star Trek Generation
  4. Super Tan Girl
  5. Screaming To God

There are also other acronyms to STG that emphasises the emotion in the slang. Some of these are:

  1. IISTGTBTIPI- If It Sounds Too Good To Be True It Probably Is
  2. ISTG- I Swear To God
  3. ISTFG- I Swear To F****** God


Example 1

Person 1: Are your parents’ terrorists, cos you da bomb!

Person 2: ISTG if you don’t stop now, I’ll kill you!


Example 2

Person 1: Did you hear the girl screaming?

Person 2: STG if this is a joke, you are so dead!

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