What does TBH mean?

TBH is the truth acronym that is the abbreviation for To Be Honest. Its actual use is when a person wants to confess to something that the other person does not know or has no idea about it. The initial idea behind this acronym was to use it as an insult. However, now the idea is to use it as a medium to compliment someone.

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The acronym is a whole package in itself.  It is not only useful when you want to be honest with someone, but also it has become a most trending hashtag amongst teens.


Usage of TBH today

Facebook, Twitter and mostly Instagram have seen its growing popularity. A lot of teens today have started using #TBH as a form of hashtag for their photographs for the sake of getting more likes.

A recent survey done by the fellow site Business Insider revealed that teenagers no longer mean the acronym as an insider.  But this gets them more likes on their photographs if they use the hashtag. The abbreviation is fuelling the growing sense of insecurity and the idea of getting appreciated by your fellow mates.

With every like, you will get a tbh which is nothing but their idea about you, only to make you feel better. This trend has led to the birth of apps like Sarahah and the most recent one called TBH.  These apps confirm a person’s anonymity, and they can post an honest opinion about how they feel about someone. The user would later take screenshots of the confessions and post them on social media. This practice has led to several cases of cyberbullying, depression and a lot of children were reported to have committed suicide due to self- image issues.

With such turn of events, the acronym has lost its real cause.

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Difference between TBH and tbh

The acronym is highly used in an informal context, so it also does not have its place in the dictionary. The usage, on the other hand, is purely dependent on where you are using it. tbh when written with a lower case can be used when you are chatting with someone or majorly when you want to use it as a hashtag for your photo. The usage of the same in an upper case can mean, it is for confession purposes on your friend’s wall or a reply to the comment.

Examples of TBH

Example 1: Usage in chats

Person-1: Hey, I’m thinking of wearing the same blue dress I wore at your party, for tonight’s wedding ceremony.

Person-2: tbh? Don’t mind but it was hideous.

Example 2: Used as a medium of Complementing

Person-1:” Write a #TBH on my wall and ill post something on yours.”


Person-2: #TBH

Person-1: “#TBH I think you are an amazingly sweet person, stay the way you are! <3 “

Some other acronyms


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