What does TTYL mean?

This acronym is famous to be the finisher in the chat world. TTYL is the abbreviation for Talk To You Later. The slang comes in use when you wish to say goodbye, or you say “let’s talk later” and intend to end the conversation on a good note.

Using TTYL, in the end, assures the other person that the conversation is not over yet and it would be continued from where it ended. It is imperative to know where to use this acronym as it is of a very informal nature. TTYL used in a formal communication can get you fired (not kidding) or even worse create a lousy rapport with your seniors.


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History of the TTYL phenomenon

For those who were a part of the good old 60s, when trends were in their initial stage, were the first ones to come to terms with this slang.

In those days, the acronym meant “Ta Ta, You All”. But eventually, with the sophistication of the language, the term also became more poised and instantly became “Talk To You Later”.

The acronym was also a part of the print industry, where it meant “telex transmission for direct linotype typesetting”. TTYL here was a type of tapes that were fed into a tape reader for typesetting output.

Be it a term between groups sipping coffee or in the literary world. Both have one thing in common, i.e. they have something to do with communication and expression of feelings. So, it is very much apt here in today’s world, that the acronym is so famous in chatrooms.

Alternate words for ttyl or TTYL

Just like all other acronyms, TTYL also has its small little family of slangs, that can be used as alternatives for each other. Some of these are:

  1. BRB- Be Right Back
  2. BBIAB- Be Back In A Bit
  3. GTG- Got To Go
  4. Toodles- Goodbye for now
  5. TTFN- Ta Ta For Now (wouldn’t miss out on the original meaning)
  6. CU- See You
  7. CUL8R- See You Later

All of these abbreviations are expected to be informally used since they not only help you communicate but also bring you close. Their use is very common in apps that promote texting and chatting.  Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hike are some of these apps to begin with.

You can write it in both upper and lower case. It does not make much difference. Unless you want to yell or show virtual aggression (with uppercase), it still pretty much means one thing.


Example 1

Person 1: I’m gonna watch Naruto now, ttyl ok?

Person: Ya, cool!

Example 2

Person 1: Are you there? Are u still up for coffee?


Person 2: um not sure, I’ll TTYL. In a meeting.


Should know


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