what does wby mean

Just like acronyms HBU, WAY, Whatup and WYD, this one is also a part of the conversation starter questions group. WBY is the abbreviated term for the phrase What About You or What Bout You. It is used when you are asking for an opinion or wellbeing or just a Sunday plan of the person on the other side or the receiving end.

Out of all the mentioned acronyms above, this slang resembles the most to HBU, since even that abbreviation focuses on and gives priority to the other person. Another reason why they resemble so much is that they also mean the same thing.

Very common on social media and also goes way back when it comes to its popularity in texting.

Alternate words for WBY

  1. HBU- How Bout You
  2. WBU- What About You
  3. HRU- How Are You
  4. KLK- Que Lo Que (Spanish for How are you)
  5. SUP- What’s up
  6. WAU- What About You
  7. KWIM- Know What I Mean
  8. HWU- Hey, What’s Up

Alternate meanings of WBY

  1. Wild Blue Yonder
  2. Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook
  3. Wait, Because You..
  4. William Butler Yeats (Poet and playwright)
  5. Weatherby (Firearms manufacturer)


This acronym is extremely well known and popular due to its use that goes way back to when texting started gaining popularity. WBY is written as either WBY or wby, i.e. in both upper and lower cases, and there is no change in its essence or meaning.

WBY is used mostly to ask about how the person you are talking to is doing and if he or she is ok. It is a sign of courtesy and shows that you respect the fact that the other person is doing good.

Another way to use this acronym is when you are making plans, and you don’t want to do it alone. WBY is a way to make sure the other person is free or not before you pop the question if he or she can join you.

This acronym is very positive and harmless so you can use it informally since it isn’t very suitable if you use this lingo in a formal scenario.


Example 1:

Person 1: HRU, haven’t heard from you in ages.

Person 2: yeah.. I’m good, WBY?

Example 2:

Person 1: I am planning to watch Interstellar this Sunday and WBY?

Person 2: I would just be lying around.

Person 1: then why don’t you join me? It will be fun!

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