What does WYD Mean?

Just like WAY, WYD is also the communication acronym which is an abbreviation for What You Doing. It acts like the conversation starter between two people, hence helps to break the ice.

Though the correct grammatical term would be What are you doing, but the texting language does not take into consideration the grammatical rules. Also, the newer methods of communication such as WhatsApp or Snapchat, look at how quickly the message goes to the other person in a user-friendly manner.


Typical usage of WYD

The essential use of this word is to ask a person’s whereabouts and what they are up to. It creates further plans or initiates conversations.

WYD in itself is a full-fledged question and makes perfect sense. It is just a virtual form of a conversation where instead of two people talking it out face to face, it is carried out on a chat screen.

WYD can also be used as a part of a phrase to make more sense or give meaning to the whole question. And at the same time serve the purpose of the acronym.

It is also preferred in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also vines, in the form of status updates, hashtags, and also can be seen in a lot of comment sections of these social mediums.

WYD in one case can also become a general statement if the context talks about specific event or situation.

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Example 1: when you use it as a general question.

Person-1: WYD?

Person-2: nm (Nothing much), wbu? (what about you)

The responses to this question are usually other acronyms like nm (nothing much), and wbu (what about you). Sometimes, both question and its answer could be in the most concise form.

Example-2: when you use it as a part of any phrase.

Person-1: So, I am planning to go to sleep, WYD?

Person-2: I guess, I should sleep off too, got an exam tomorrow.

Example 3: when you use it as a general statement.

Person-1: I got a whole packet of nachos for myself and the other one for you, and still you ate mine, WYD!

Over to you

Since communicating has become so much more comfortable for our generation, WYD just serves another purpose of helping the people to talk, even though it is from one screen to another. Somewhere it is helping to build a connection amidst millions of people all at once.


Though there isn’t much difference in writing “WYD” or “wyd”, the better or more preferred way is to write it in upper case, given the fact that it is emphasising on something and also shows that a person is genuinely interested in knowing more about you.

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