What does WYM Mean?

What does WYM mean

Just as WYD is the acronym for initiating a conversation, WYM is the acronym when there needs clarification. It is the abbreviation for the term What You Mean. This acronym comes in handy when the person on the other end is unclear. It is also convenient when you don’t want to misunderstand the situation and need some clarity on the situation.

WYM also can be the abbreviation for “Wow You’re Mad” as per the urban dictionary, however, this one isn’t pervasive and not much in use.


Though you can come up with a lot of meanings of your own, What You Mean is the most logical of all.

Usage of WYM

The slang is pretty much easy to understand and have taken a permanent place in the chats of youngsters. Group chats have seen its massive usage since a lot of people are a part of the group, and everyone tends to either not message at all or message all at once. However, in this case, it is common to interpret otherwise and likelihood of miscommunication increases.

In that case, to get the hang of the situation, the abbreviation is the optimum way to clear things up. Though the whole sentence should be “What do you mean”, but again the acronym does not follow the grammatical rules, and hence the word “do” is omitted. The meaning still remains the same.

Alternate usage

Watch your mouth is another meaning of WYM. It is also pretty optimum when you encounter something nasty, or if there is a significant misunderstanding.

The other alternate acronym is WYMS which is an abbreviation for “What your Mum said”. It is pronounced as “wimmz”, and you can use it when people find something hilarious or as a comeback.

What you mean (WYM) can be pretty helpful when you want to confirm your doubts about a creep who Is trying to hit on you with texts that aren’t decent and hold a double meaning.

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Example 1: When you are trying to understand the situation

Person-1: Did you see that! It was pretty nasty!

Person-2: Ikr? I wouldn’t do something like that!

Person-3: Absolutely horrible!

Person-4: eh guys? WYM?

Person-1: Jessica just threw her whole spaghetti on Lisa cos she wore her same top.


Example 2: When you wanna make sure you understood it right

Person-1: man! Can’t meet up today!

Person-2: WYM?

Person 1: Got homework. Sorry!

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