What does XD mean?

While :3 emoji means being goofy or cute or even sarcastic for that matter, XD, on the other hand, is an emoji that is more about being free. If you tilt your head and look at the emoji, you will be able to see a face grinning right back at you. This emoji is usually paired with emojis like Lmao, Rofl, lol and KMSL. It is usually used when you want to express your laughter during a funny situation.

The emoji has found its usage while texting and also as a caption on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.


Alternate words and emojis for XD

  1. 😀
  2. :’D
  4. LMAO
  5. ROFL
  6. KMSL
  7. LOL
  10. B-D


Whenever you use the emoji XD, the first reaction always comes out to be laughing uncontrollably without being physically present. Another place where you can use it is to show extreme happiness about something. Various scenarios are XD worthy and considered as the appropriate response.

The first situation is when you come across a post that is really funny and loaded with a lot of humour. And since it is on the screen, XD becomes the emoji you use. When you use it, it is not just a reaction to the picture, but it conveys your emotion about it.

Another situation where you can see the use of this emoji is when you are not willing to type, and you are planning to comment lol or lmao on a picture. It becomes an alternative for the acronym and conveys the same meaning.

You can also use it while making an ironical statement. In a situation like this, you know that the statement made by you is not seriously spoken and you want to make fun of something or someone.

It is, however, necessary to take care not to overuse it since it becomes either annoying or cringy and you might end up looking like a creep.


Example 1:

Person 1: I am going to Thailand for my bachelorette!! XD


Person 2: send me the tickets too 😛

Example 2:

Person 1: Kim Kardashian just named her daughter Chicago XD

Person 2: Chicago West** don’t forget the West.


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