What does XOXO mean?

Another acronym that preaches love above anything else. XOXO is the abbreviated term for hugs and kisses. If you notice the X and O in XOXO, it looks like a representation of two people hugging each other (in O), and similarly, two people kissing each other (In X). That’s why the term is also a very famous signatory statement.

It is very famous in chats, emails and SMSs where it is used as a way to greet someone by the end of a text or email. It signifies faith, love, sincerity and good friendship.



The practice of writing X at the end of a letter or on an envelope goes back to the middle ages. That was the time when the Christians used to put up the cross sign to signify faith, love and sincerity. The O was then added later to signify a sworn oath.

During that era, not many people were literate enough to understand the context given in those letters or even read them for that matter. This was when they started perceiving the cross as X, and then XOXO came through.

The practice still goes on but now with a different idea. It has a much wider meaning than the initial idea. Now it’s about how much a person loves you to have added this acronym.


A status update or a text, it has its good widespread in the virtual world even today. Despite the arrival of new age acronyms, the old acronyms including XOXO, still hold that much importance and people still very sincerely use it to say goodbye.

It is a prevalent practice amongst friends to sign off this way. If you love to binge watch on shows and movies, a lot of TV shows practised this art of signature. Mean Girls and Pretty little liars are some of the great examples where they’ve used this abbreviation.



Example 1

Person 1: I’ll catch up soon ok?

Person 2: Okie!! Take rest, XOXO

Example 2:

Person 1: I want you to buy the groceries TODAY! The list is on the table and the money in your cabinet! Don’t forget! XOXO

Person 2: Mhm. Fine.

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