What does YWA mean?

This acronym is also a responsive slang just like TY, TTYL or NM. YWA is the abbreviated term for the phrase – You’re Welcome Anyway. The term YWA is an alternate term for YW which stands for You’re Welcome. Though YW is a typical response to a pleasant Thank you, YWA can mean lot other things as well.

The slang is seen a lot in texting, in apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Hike or Messenger. It is also a popular hashtag when someone is doing a TBH, or with celebrities posting an unseen photograph, the list is endless and you can do the math.


Alternate words for YWA

  1. YW- You’re Welcome
  2. MW- Most Welcome
  3. YVW- You’re Very Welcome
  4. YWIA- You’re Welcome In Advance

Though all of these convey the same message, they also help you to choose from the responses to appropriate situations. It never hurts to know more words, right?

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 Alternate YWA meanings

  1. Yahoo Web Analytics
  2. Young Writers Association
  3. Young Women of Achievement
  4. Yosemite Western Artists
  5. Young Writers Awards
  6. Young Worker Awareness
  7. Yearbook of World Affairs


People use YWA as a gesture of help to people. The idea was to provide information about something that another person wants to know due to your knowledge about it. So just to be politer, you add the YWA, in the end, to not sound pompous.

However, a lot of times it is also used to snap at people. When you want to show off your skills or the new dress brand you’ve been shopping, people end up using this slang that often leads to major misunderstandings and fights.

This abbreviation is also prone to a lot of unexpected responses. Some people can actually understand that the other person is really just trying to help and would receive it in a good way. But for some, it might come up as an insult, and they can lash out at you which can also end a good relationship.

For some, it can become a great way to respond to someone when they are talking for the very first time. In this case, the person just takes it courteously.

Therefore, it is critical to understand where and how you are using the abbreviation.


Example 1

Person 1: Listen, I knew you would ditch on me last minute, so I already covered your homework assignment and coffee. YWA!

Person 2: Awww!! You are BAE!

Example 2

Person 1: Had it not been for my presence of mind, you would have got us flunked! YWA!


Person 2: That is, had you let me talked, you wouldn’t have given out wrong info! We have flunked anyway!

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