What is a Meme?

Meme, pronounced with a long e like the plant “neem” but replacing the N with the M. It is the new upcoming phenomenon and did not gain its title the meme culture until around 2008. Before that, it wasn’t that popular and even though it existed, it did not have its name. The very first range of memes were the rage comics that gained popularity around 2009 or so. These comics consisted of the Rage guy, the fuuuuu guy and even the success kid.

That was the beginning of the world of memes. With the popularity of these memes, more and more started using it in their virtual lives. It started gaining more and more popularity after 2010 when people began to come up with new memes and concepts.


A meme can be defined as a cultural concept or treasure that is spreading across people from all castes, genders, religion or social status. It is a virtual legacy that was left to us by the first meme makers as a fact to bring everyone together. And ever since, it does not matter who you are or what you do; if you have what takes to make a good meme, you are part of the fam!

Meme Origin story


The word meme is derived from the Greek word Mimea, which means ‘that which is imitated’. It was from the context of the gene patterns found in the DNA. The Richard Dawkins coined the word MEME. It originated from the book written by him in the year 1976 called The Selfish Gene.

He identified the concept of the meme as an element of the culture or a system of behaviour that is passed on from one person to another by imitation or by non-genetic conduct. Though this concept was a lot related to the study of human behaviour, it gained a different meaning in the virtual world.

Usage of Meme

Memes come in all forms, mainly pictures, hyperlink, video, hashtags and now the most popular form is the Gifs. They can be used in any situation, and there is a meme for anything. You are happy, share a meme! If you have nothing to do, share a meme!

They act as your source of happiness! Nowadays there so many websites that make memes that you can share on your social media websites. They are usually meant to make you laugh, but there are also a lot of memes that in a very creative way make you ponder.

Some of the websites where you can find good memes are GIPHY, Reddit, 4chan, 9GAG, Funny or die, Dam you auto correct, Pictures of walls, etc.  There are however also websites where you can make your memes. Some of these sites are:  Meme Generator, Make a meme, quick meme to name a few. These are authentic and very popular options.

Some very famous memes

  1. The condescending Wonka meme

This meme was inspired by the very famous movie Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory from the year 1971. The meme consists of the character Willy Wonka who has a very sarcastic and patronising face.

Best condescending wonka meme

The meme became famous in 2010, and all the memes with this one are utterly sarcastic.

  1. The grumpy cat meme

The meme that became an internet sensation in 2012 was a photo posted on Reddit by a user.

best memes - grumpy cat

The picture of the cat portrayed a perfect human emotion of disgust. The film soon took a form of a meme and is still very popular.

  1. Pepe the frog meme

This meme firstly originated from a comic by Matt Furie was known as Boy’s club. It started gaining popularity when people began noticing the art and soon added their ideas to it.

best pepe the frog meme


The comic character now became the famous meme as more and more people started sharing it in the year 2008 until now.


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