What is a search engine

A search engine is a website, which has software programs called “Spider” or “Bot” to crawl every content over the internet possibly. Furthermore, it indexes or collects the crawled data and store them categorically in its various data centres. Finally, it has built-in algorithm to present you with the most relevant results from its database per your searched query.

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In simple words, you can define search engine as a website which ranks various results pages (SERP – Search Engine Results Pages) from the World Wide Web or the internet based on your searched query. Most of its results are picked from its databases after matching your query keywords, user intent, webpage authority, backlinks, and much more.

Some popular search engines

Google is the most loved and widely used search engine as on date. It has more than 70% market share. Apart from Google, there are a couple of other search engines which exist as on date such as:

Apart from above list, you have Ask.com, DuckDuckGo.com (for anonymous searches) and Dogpile.com.

How relevant are the search engine results?

Back in days, Google only gave importance to a few factors in which backlinks and keyword density topped the list. But this algorithm was later flawed because many websites were purchasing links and started doing keyword stuffing. As a result, Google could not bring up the relevant answer to the searched term. Later they came up with Penguin and Panda update and changed the whole game of search engine ranking. Overnight, even the big websites lost their 1st position, and also in some cases, they dropped top 3 spots.

As of now, Google is changing its search algorithm almost 2-3 times a day. It has become smarter with its AI (Artificial Intelligence) based search algorithm – RankBrain, and its ultimate goal is to become more human. In short, you have to write a relevant and appealing article for people. There is no scope to sneak around.

If you are practising any blackhat or spam strategy, then later or sooner, Google is going to catch you. There is no way that anyone in this world can catch up with the speed of Google.

How do Search Engines earn?

All the popular search engines display Ads along with the organic search results for the searched term. Google display Ads on top and right-hand side of its website. These Ads are also relevant to your searched query.

Also, these Ads are marked as ‘Ad’. If someone clicks on them, then Google will earn money. You will be surprised to know that Google receives more than 90% of its total revenue from its AD network.