What is a Wireless Media Hub?

Wireless Media hub is a portable storage solution for your wireless devices such as smartphone tablets, etc. These gadgets are Wi-Fi enabled and let you transfer your files such as photos, videos, or documents to external memory cards of flash drives. This type of device functions more as a media server which stores content rather than as a hub that streams content from the Internet.

These devices do not come with any built-in storage. Instead, they use pluggable portable storage devices such as external memory cards, USB flash drive etc. This external storage is shared between all the devices that are connected to the hub.


Once you have offloaded your files on the external device, you can access them directly (without transferring them back on your device) as and when you need them.

Transfer and management of data are carried out using software apps. These apps are different for different brands of media hubs that are available in the market.

How to use a Wireless Media Hub?

To use a Wireless Media Hub, follow three easy steps.

  1. Connect your hub and wireless device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Next, plug in the external drive or memory card into one of the hub’s ports.
  3. Transfer your documents, photos or videos to the external storage.

Additional Features of wireless media hub

These tiny gadgets come with a variety of functions and are retail at different price points based on a combination of features they provide. Some of these additional features include:

Wireless Access point

Some media hubs can be used a wireless access point (AP). You can connect the device to the Internet using an ethernet cable and stream videos, browse Quora, etc., just like a standard access point.

Charging point

Some of these devices also come with inbuilt charging points. By connecting your device to the USB ports of the media hub, you can charge your phone’s battery.

Examples of wireless media hubs

Wireless media hub is a handy device if your phone or tablet has limited storage. It is cheaper than buying a new smartphone and can offer many other features for little extra money.

Some example of these products includes IOGEAR MediaShair Wireless Hub, Kingston Mobile Lite, RAVPower Wireless Media Streaming FileHub, Apotop Wi-Copy, etc. These devices retail anywhere between $60 to $110. These devices are also readily available on Amazon.com.

Apotop Wi-Copy offers the best battery life (up to 14 hours) and comes with the ability to charge small devices. This media hub also doubles up as travel router with an Ethernet port and is priced highest ($110) among the media hubs above-mentioned.


On the other hand, Kingston’s wireless hub tilts towards a more affordable side. It retails at around $60, offers up to 5 hours of battery life and allow 3 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections with client devices.


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