What is My Default Gateway IP Address? On Windows, Mac & Linux OS

Default Gateway IP address is the IP address of the gateway through which one connects from one network to another network. One of the simplest examples of the gateway would be the router that you uses at your home to connect to the internet. It is at times important to get the Default gateway IP address so that you can troubleshoot any network issue with the gateway. You will also need it if you want to access the web-based console of gateway for management purpose. One of the most commonly used ways to locate default gateway IP address is “ipconfig” command on windows.

But before trying to find out default gateway IP address, let’s understand more about gateway itself.

What is a gateway?

Purpose of a gateway is as simple as allowing one host on a network to communicate with another computer or host in another network. All hosts on one side of the network (technically in a subnet) can anyway see each other and talk.


But then they cannot directly reach out to hosts on a different network. One of the simplest examples would be to access the internet from the laptop while sitting at your home.

Any web page request from your laptop will first go to your home router which acts as a gateway. Your router then transmits data out to the internet.

Your router is visible on your laptop or device because it does contain a private IP address similar to yours. But besides this, it also contains a public IP address through which it communicates to the outer world.

By now it would be apparent to you that if you are communicating within the network, you don’t need a gateway. On the other hand, you will not be able to transmit even a single byte of data outside your network without using a gateway. Believe me. There is no way out.

Any data transmitted through a router/modem in a home network exits the local network and enters into another network within the vast internet through the ISP. An ISP is another gateway in this case.

Gateway need not always be a router. It can also be another host/computer on your network.

What is a default gateway?

A computer connects to the default gateway automatically. Default means it is the default device which is looked for whenever any data needs to be transmitted outside a network.

In simple terms, the IP address of default gateway for a home network is the private IP address of the router. This is the default gateway IP address that we are talking about here.

The gateway IP address remains default as long as it remains constant. And all your devices in your home will rely upon this default gateway IP address to route the requests out of the current local network to reach the internet.

Purpose of the default gateway – Further Explained

During the process of information exchange, data travels an absolute path to connect to other devices on the internet. A default gateway is a Layer 3 (OSI model -network layer) device, similar to a router.

It carries the information such as the user request, the list of other available gateways in the network, etc. Therefore, a default gateway exactly knows the whereabouts of the other gateways and its connected devices. This information lets the router request to hop from one network to another.

Thus, the primary function of the default gateway is to understand the request and route the data appropriately between the right set of devices present in two different networks.

Now that you are well-aware of the gateway, let’s check it on the windows machine (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) to locate default gateway IP address.

What is my default gateway IP address on Windows?

There are two primary methods to find the default gateway of the windows computer. These are:

  1. Command prompt way
  2. Control Panel method

We are talking about the basic network here. This is something that you have at your home or office where you are connected to a wireless or wired network.

This will generally have one gateway. Comparatively, a complex network spanning across multiple networks and with numerous routers and VPNs (virtual private network) will have multiple gateway IP addresses.

1. Command Prompt Method

Follow the below-listed steps in sequence –

  • Click on Start button and Open the command prompt window
  • Type “ipconfig” command and hit Enter
  • The result displays a list of the IP configuration details, connection-specific details and network adapter details of the computer
  • Look for “Default Gateway” in the output screen
    • Find the default gateway in the list. It is usually an IP address
    • Sample output
      find out gateway IP address on windows
    • In case your screen shows a lot of data, you can also run a command as “ipconfig|findstr Gateway”. This command will filter out just the “Default gateway” information for you
    • Above output suggests that the Default Gateway IP address is

2. Control Panel Method

Follow the below-listed steps in sequence –

  • Click on Start Menu and Open the control panel window
  • Go to the Network and sharing center or the network connections option (depending on the version of Windows OS). Another alternative to finding the network and sharing center is to click on the network connections icon that appears in the taskbar tray
  • click on the  change adapter setting or manage network connections option that appears on the viewable screen of the Network and sharing center
  • The result displays a list of either wired or wireless connections that are attached to the computer either in enabled or disabled status
  • Right-click on the active network connection that is currently enabled and
  • Open the “status” option. If the status option is disabled, then it indicates an inactive connection
  • A dialog box should pop up which shows the IP connectivity details
  • Click on the Details button on the dialog box or in the support tab
  • A dialog box appears which shows the Network connection details
  • Locate the “Default Gateway “ option in the list of the Property-Value pairs
  • Sample output
    default gateway IP address
  • In this case the gateway IP address is IPv4 Default Gateway

What is my default gateway IP address on Mac?

Identifying default gateway IP address on Mac is very easy. Follow the below-listed steps in sequence –

  • Go to terminal application via Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.app or simple search “terminal”
  • Once open, type command: “netstat -nr | grep default”
  • Sample output
    default gateway IP address Mac

What is my default gateway IP address on Linux?

Linux is one of the most popular operating systems on servers. The easiest way to identify default gateway IP address on Linux is to use “IP” command. Follow the below-listed steps in sequence –

  • Open a terminal on the Linux box. Or connect to the Linux host using putty or telnet from your local machine
  • Type command: “ip route | grep default”. And then you should have the IP address
  • Sample output
    default gateway IP address on Linux

Final words

Through above methods, you will find default Gateway IP address. Note it down. This address comes handy when you are either configuring or troubleshooting the router or making some changes to the router or trying to resolve the IP address conflicts.

If you want to check if the IP address is right or not, type this IP address into the web browser and observe if it takes you to the login page of router or not. If it does then the default gateway IP address is correct.


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