What is My IP Address?

what is my ip address

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Your IP Address – [show_ip]

Above IP address is your current public IP address which is also the public IP address of your router.


Do you know that your public IP address is dynamic and it changes when not in used?

So, you cannot make a note of the above IP address for a period of time. It’s good for instant information.

Also, if you are using a proxy server or even a web proxy then above IP address does not represent your router’s public IP address.

As you know, proxy server exists in between you and your networking device. Its primary purpose is to hide your IP address and encrypt your data.

How to find your private IP address?

If you are browsing the internet with a home broadband router in between, the above IP address represents your router’s public IP address.

But, what about your network devices, such as a laptop, etc., which are connected to the internet via a router?

All these devices are part of an internal or a private network and cannot talk to the outside world, i.e. internet, without the help of a router.

In short, they do not have any public IP address but a private IP address. You can locally find the private IP address of a system.

Find the private IP address on your smartphone.

Go to setting and look for the connected Wi-Fi. Press the info icon, and you can find the private IP address of your router and smartphone.

What is my IP address on my smartphone

Find the private IP address of your laptop.

Please find below steps to find out your private IP address on your MacBook.

  • Go to system preferenceGo to system preference
  • Click ‘Network’Click Network Icon
  • Look for the connected Wi-Fi network and click it. Then click ‘Advance’ button.Click the connected WiFi and Click Advanced
  • Now go to TCP/IP tab and find out your router’s private IP address as well as your laptop private IP address.Click TCPIP and find your private IP address

Now, let’s find out some interesting facts about IP address.

What is an IP address?

IP address stands for “Internet Protocol Address”. IP address contains an address of a networking device and a set of rules through which the particular device can communicate with an IP based network.

Every device must have a unique IP address. It is just like any two home addresses which cannot be the same in any case.

Since long we have been using IPv4 IP address which is a 32-bit addressing system. But with the passage of time number of IPv4 IP addresses are falling sort of total requirement of unique IP addresses.

That’s why IPv6 IP address came into existence. It is a 128-bit IP addressing system. But still, a lot of development is happening around IPv6 IP addressing system.

IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and RIR (Regional Internet Registries) control IP Address space in their chosen regions.

They also take care of IP Address assignment to ISP (Internet Service Providers).

Private IP address block

Private IP address cannot interact with the internet on its own. It requires in between router which has both private as well as public IP addresses. The Private IP address range is mentioned below.

  • to
  • to
  • to

Public IP address block

We just saw the private IP range. Anything other than above IP address range in between 1.x.x.x to 191.x.x.x is public IP address range.

Note: Your router has both public as well as a private IP address. You can find out the default IP address of your router from here.

Reserved & Loopback IP address

There is another block of IP address such as to and to, which is also known as reserved IP address.

A reserved IP address may look like a private IP address but cannot pass any traffic.


The sole purpose of a reserved IP address is to test the network adapter or an integrated chip. is the widely used reserved IP address. This IP address is also known as the loopback address.

Since there cannot be any traffic across reserved IP address, so you assign a reserved IP address to any device in a private network. to IP address block has no use whatsoever.

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