What to Wear This Holi Festival 2019? Dressing & Makeup Tips

holi fashion what to wear for holi festival

Dressing up for Holi can be a tricky business. Not only do you want to be comfortable, but you also want to be stylish.

The clothes need to look good, but you can’t afford to ruin your party outfits with Holi colors.

Let us solve your dilemma of what to wear for Holi with these fabulous outfit ideas and some trendy tips.

Some of these tips apply to unisex and some not. So, be wise and follow them per what suits you better.

Cotton kurta and jeans

A Holi outfit should be comfortable and should suit the occasion as well. Opt for a traditional cotton kurta with a pair of old jeans.

Pick out a kurta that is not too thin from your wardrobe as you don’t want it to cling to your body.

cotton kurta with jeans

Though people traditionally wear white for the occasion, don’t worry if you do not have anything white in your cupboard.

Any bright shade that matches your enthusiasm for this colorful festival will do.

Harem pants with a t-shirt

Another fabulous option to try is harem pants teamed with a longish t-shirt. Since harem pants are loose and comfortable, they will not stick to your legs if you get drenched in color.

Make sure your t-shirt is not white or light in colour as they sometimes become transparent when they are wet.

Go traditional

You can never go wrong with a traditional churidar and kurta. Priyanka Chopra rocked it in ‘Do me a favor lets play Holi’ song and so it Rekha years ago in ‘Rang Barse’ song.

go traditional on holi

Be it pure white or bright and cheerful colors, this outfit will always be popular. Churidar leggings also work great as they are quite comfortable.

Palazzo pants

A palazzo pant with a colorful top is another comfortable option to try out on this Holi. It’s casual, comfortable and stylish, all at the same time.

Message t-shirt

Opt for a t-shirt with a cool Holi themed message on it. These t-shirts with messages like ‘Rang Barse,’ ‘Keep Calm and Play Holi,’ and ‘The Big Bhaang Theory,’ are readily available online these days.

So, order your t-shirt now and be set for Holi. Not only will it make you a hit at the party, but it is also a great way to strike a conversation and make new friends.

Be bold

Cotton shirt and shorts look great on Holi. Deepika rocked this look in ‘Balam Pichkari’ and so can you.

Put loads of sunscreen on your legs before you go out or you can end up with a rash thanks to the chemicals in the colors and the hot scorching sun.

bold clothes

Alternatively, you can team your t-shirt with a pair of cotton pajamas or culottes.


Choose sensible footwear. Don’t go for high heels or delicate sandals. Opt for flip-flops, slippers or a pair of old sneakers instead.

footwear for holi

Since you will be out on your feet for a long time, it is essential that you wear something comfortable that does not tire out your feet.

Avoid any accessories

Leave your expensive watches and accessories at home when you come out to play Holi. You don’t want to ruin them with Holi colors.

fashion accessories for holi

The metal in some of the accessories can react with the chemicals in the colors and cause a rash.

Also, there are chances of you losing your rings and bangles while you are playing with color.


This is one accessory that is a must during Holi. Opt for a cheaper pair or an older pair which you can spare.

wear sunglasses for holi

Not only will the sunglasses make you look stylish, but they will also perform the vital task of protecting your eyes from color.


Bandanas are a must-have for Holi celebrations. Choose bright colors to match the occasion.

wear bandana to protect your hair from holi colour

Not only do bandanas look good, but they also save your hair and scalp from the harmful effects of colors.

 Scarf or dupatta

Keep a scarf or dupatta handy whenever you are playing with water. Wrap it around your neck or hang it in front of your t-shirt, if it is too wet and clingy.

Paint your nails

Bare nails absorb color easily. So, paint your nails in some lovely happy color for Holi. Paint your toenails too in case you are planning to wear flip-flops.

You can also try some funky nail art to add to the style element.

Holi special make-up

Though you will end up with your face smeared with color, it is advisable to wear make-up before you venture out. Make-up will form a protective barrier for your face against the harsh chemicals.

A good sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is a must since you will be out in the sun the whole day. Apply petroleum jelly or a cheerful shade of lipstick to protect your lips.

Over to you

Whether you stand out or are lost in the crowds depends on the outfit you choose. I’m sure that won’t be difficult with all these options to choose from.

So, go on, look your fashionable best this Holi.

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