WhatsApp Web and Desktop Application – Know How to Install?

Whatsapp web is just the mirror of your smartphone WhatsApp application. It shows your phone conversations and chats on your desktop, laptop, or Mac web browser. You can access all of your popular chats on any devices like iPad/tablets/personal computers by scanning the QR code of WhatsApp web. It is also possible to install the WhatsApp application on your personal computer and access all its features.

WhatsApp is not only limited to smartphones, but you can access it from any device that is having any browser. You can do WhatsApp chat with your loved ones from anywhere with any equipment that you may be carrying. In a way, WhatsApp web and its desktop application are the extensions of your smartphone application.


Accessing WhatsApp web on your personal computer

It’s straightforward to get started with WhatsApp web on your Desktop/Laptop/Mac by following some steps –

  1. Open any browser of your choice on your computer and visit whatsapp.com and press enter.

whatsapp web setup

You will be getting the first page after opening the link mentioned above.

  1. Now open WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

Android users – tap the vertical three dots and open WhatsApp web

iPhone users – tap settings and then tap the WhatsApp web.

whatsapp mobile setting_1

whatsapp mobile setting_2

whatsapp web scan from mobile

  1. You have to scan the QR code from your smartphone camera, and you will get the access.

open whatsapp on browser

Now you are all set, and your WhatsApp web is ready to go.

WhatsApp web Application for Desktop/Laptop/Mac

If you don’t wish to time and again scan the code on the web browser, then you can go with the desktop native application. It’s straightforward to use, and you will get the same experience to chat with your loved ones while doing your important work on your laptop or personal computer.

How to download the WhatsApp web application?

Just follow these steps –

  1. On your Desktop/Laptop/Mac, visit https -//www.whatsapp.com/download to download the desktop application.
  2. You will be getting the green download tab for the windows and blue tab for MAC.
  3. Once the application is downloaded, install the App and open it.
  4. Now, you have to scan the QR code. After that, check the dialogue box to be signed in so that you do not need to sign again by scanning the code.
  5. Now its done and all set.

How to edit your profile on WhatsApp web or in a Desktop application?

You can edit your profile such as name, profile photo easily in the web application or desktop application in the same way as you do in your smartphone by following some steps –

  1. First, open the WhatsApp web on any browser of your choice or desktop app.
  2. Then click on the profile icon. For changing profile photo, click on profile photo > click on upload or take photo.
  3. For changing your profile name, click on the pencil showing below your profile photo and edit it. Also, you can edit the about section.
  4. You can see the status of your contacts but unfortunately can’t upload your status.

Voice or video calling on WhatsApp web

This feature is still not available on the WhatsApp web directly, but you can do it with the other application available named Bluestacks with some limitations. The voice calling on the WhatsApp web may be enabled by the company later on. Just follow these steps –

  1. First of all, download Bluestacks, it is a very popular android emulator for PC / Macbook.
  2. Once downloaded, open it and download WhatsApp App from the Google play store.
  3. Then register with the phone number, and you can start using all of the functions as you do from your smartphone.

Note – Remember, if you logged in with the phone number which you were using in your smartphone WhatsApp, then you would be logged out from your phone and remain logged in the Bluestacks until you log out from here. If you want to log in again in your smartphone WhatsApp app, you must log out from Bluestacks WhatsApp.

Some miscellaneous settings on WhatsApp web

Besides chatting and seeing others’ status, you can do many more things on the WhatsApp web. Some are listed below –

  1. You can block contacts and some of the unwanted chats on the WhatsApp web. Just click the chat thread of your contact on WhatsApp and then open contact info by clicking their name > scroll down and block.

To unblock, click three vertical dots > settings > blocked. It shows the complete blocked list.

  1. You can also archive, delete or pin chats. To do so, point the cursor over the contact and click on downward-facing arrow > choose archive/delete/pin.

To view the archive chats, click on the three vertical dots icon > then click archive to access them.

  1. You can also change the default chat wallpaper color of your choice. Click three vertical dots > settings > chat wallpaper > choose color.

Take away

Nowadays, you can access WhatsApp on any desktop, laptop, or Macbook via a web browser or its native application. Also, if you are working on a desktop, it is convenient to reply to someone on the go from the WhatsApp web without looking for your smartphone.


WhatsApp web and its native desktop application provide lots of features. However, you will not get all smartphone WhatsApp features on its native desktop application or web such as dark mode feature and voice/video calling.

But Bluestacks is the workaround for WhatsApp voice calling on your Desktop, Laptop, or Macbook. You can now easily share documents over the WhatsApp web or desktop native App without taking any help from your smartphone.


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