When is Black Friday 2019? – Know Everything About the Biggest Sale in the USA

Black Friday is celebrated on Friday that falls after Thanksgiving on dates between the 23rd and the 29th of November. It is marked as the official start to the holiday season in the USA and is also considered to be one of the most massive sales ever. Black Friday 2018 will fall on the 23rd of November.

People who were not able to shop on Black Friday are given the chance of discounts on Monday that follows Black Friday known as Cyber Monday.


The term Black was previously used for bad things happening. The term ‘Black Friday’ was first used in 1869, when the stock market faced one of the biggest blows ever leaving many people bankrupt.

It was then used by the Philadelphia police to refer to the menace created by the overcrowded malls and shops and also bad traffic. Only later was it used to describe profits by the retailers in an attempt to create a positive aura around the day.

Though the day is a beneficial one for all the people helping them cut back on many expenses, Black Friday is also a violent day where many have lost their lives.

Aside from its few drawbacks, it is a very important shopping day in the US and many families look forward to this day to help them increase their savings while purchasing the same amount that they would otherwise.

When is Black Friday 2018, 2019, 2020?

The following are the dates on which Black Friday has fallen and will fall in the coming future:

YearBlack Friday
2017Friday, November 24, 2017
2018Friday, November 23, 2018
2019Friday, November 29, 2019
2020Friday, November 27, 2020

The US sees crowds from all over the world, and as of 2008, many Canadians travel across the border to take part in this holiday sale.

History of Black Friday

The ‘Black’ on Black Friday refers to Profit. So it’s natural that the day is called Black Friday as it is a day that marks the most profit for all the retailers who open their shop as early as 5 am in the morning and go back home very late in the night.

Its relation to the Financial Crisis in 1869

The term ‘Black Friday’ was used in 1869 when the stock market in the US crashed. This incident happened as two financiers from Wall Street in the US tried to target the gold market and purchase as much gold as they could to create a price hike.

Unfortunately, the scam came to light on the Friday in September sending a frenzy throughout the country as the stock market crashed so bad that all of Wall Street went bankrupt. In this incident, the term was used to mark a dark day in Finance.

The Story behind Black Friday

During the 1950s, Philadelphia was a place packed with tourists and sopping lovers after Thanksgiving due to a football game held between the Army and Navy on the Saturday following Thanksgiving every year.

That Friday was a long day for the police personnel as they themselves could not take a day off instead had to work overtime. It was their worst nightmare as any shoplifters also took advantage of the situation.

The Philadelphia police force referred to that Friday as a ‘Black Friday’ due to the huge crowds and crazy traffic in a magazine called ‘The American Philatelist’. In 1961, the shopkeepers and retailers tried to change its name to prevent the negativity in its name that was referred to chaos and hardships.

As the number of people flocking to America on this particular day increased, the retailers added their own twist to the story during the 1980s. They introduced the concept of the financial books stating that the retailers saw loss (depicted in red in financial books) all through the year but on Black Friday made Profits (which is denoted by the color Black) hence called ‘Black Friday’.

Myth situated with Black Friday

It is believed that during the 1800s, the day after Thanksgiving was a day that the plantation owners of the South bought Black slaves at a discount. A disturbing myth? Yes! This myth has also caused boycotts against this shopping holiday.

When did Black Friday become Popular?

After the introduction of sales and discount offers, retailers realized that huge crowds were attracted and they made a lot of profit both in shops as well as online. Soon, Black Friday surpassed all holiday shopping days.

Is Black Friday a federal holiday?

Black Friday though not a federal holiday, in some states, is considered a public holiday for Government employees.  States such as California, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania and a few more mark this day as a holiday.

Violence associated with Black Friday

The long waiting queues, never-ending traffic, and overpopulated shopping areas have seen a lot of violence breaking out.

  1. In 2007, a woman attacked the crowd in Wal-Mart with pepper spray in an attempt to buy a gaming console called Wii which was being offered at a 60% sale
  2. In 2008, a man despite his size of 6’5 died in a stampede as 2000 people pushed their way inside the New York Wal-Mart trampling him under their feet
  3. In 2012, an argument over parking space outside Wal-Mart saw two people shot in Florida

Many violent incidences take place, and people are left with injuries, and some lose their lives too.

What should you buy on Black Friday Sale?

  1. Electronics: With unbelievable discounts such as 50%- 89% off on electronics, free shipping from US and cash back offer of up to $25, Black Friday is definitely a time for you to invest in Electronics such as phones, TV, computers, and laptops
  2. Winter Clothes and sneakers: As Christmas is nearing and so is winter, it is best to start stocking up on your warm winter wear. Quilted Jackets, boots and warm sweaters are available with an almost 40%-60% discount.
    The prices of sneakers such as Puma and Adidas sees a fall of 20%-30%, so buy it while you have the chance
  3. Home Appliances: Love baking? Or making coffee? Or simply just cooking? Well, this is the time when all your dreams of owning the necessary appliances come true. Macy’s offer up to 40% discount on all their kitchen appliances while Target offers up to 20%
  4. Gears: Wal-Mart offers a sale of up to 60% on stainless steel and vacuum insulated bottles and thermoses that are in high demand
  5. Designer Bags: Brands like Stella McCartney are seen on a sale of around 30%- 40% and if you’re lucky you may acquire more

Refrain from buying really popular items like Gaming consoles, toys, and furniture as even though the price may seem less. Its high demand prevents the prices from lowering too much.

Facts related to Black Friday

  1. More than 135.8 million people shop on Black Friday
  2. Amazon made most out of the Black Friday sale in 2017 as it introduced this holiday sale on its website worldwide
  3. Black Friday was actually referred to a stock market crash in 1869
  4. It became popular in 2001
  5. The holiday shopping frenzy has become a global affair
  6. As online shopping is getting more and more popularised, Black Friday is getting extinct

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